Your Favorites – Grab and Go Bag, Fuchsia Square and iPad Case

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Make this Grab and Go Bag with a free crochet pattern! Or add this pretty fuchsia granny square to your next afghan project! Looking for a great stash buster project? Make this trendy iPad case – it will make a great gift too!

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Your Favorites.

Get Your Grab & Go Market Bag, Make an iPad Case or Add this Pretty Fuchsia Granny Square to your next blanket!

 Your Favorites Fuchsia Square, Grab and Go Bag, iPad Case

1 Granny Square – Fuchsia – Atelier Marie-Lucienne
2 iPad Case – Kat Kat Katoen
Grab and Go Market or Beach Bag – Crochet For You

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  1. Hi Heidi 🙂 I think I found the pattern for you! The Publisher shared an excerpt as the Project of the Month on smpcraft – here’s the link to their post: The pdf link is kind of hidden. You will need to scroll down to the paragraph just beneath the image titled “Rounded Blossom”. The paragraph begins with “This PROJECT OF THE MONTH” and you need to click on the words “PROJECT OF THE MONTH” and it opens up an online PDF of the 11 Rounded Hexagon (which is the one used for the closure on the ipad case), 12 Rounded Blossom and 13 Six-pointed Star patterns with diagrams :). The person who made the iPad Case used half of the Hexagon but if you are not sure how to do half of it you could always do the whole thing and then just attach it to both sides of the case so it looks the same on both sides (but only opens on the one side). Hope this helps! Rhondda

  2. If anyone should figure out how to actually get the pattern for IPad case please let me know. I clicked on link and never found the actual,pattern. I can figure out sc case no problem but fold over Lacy part takes more thought than I want to put into it; thanks!