Your Favorites: Talented Balancing Elephant, Amethyst Shawl and Cats House

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This week’s favorites are sure to impress! I am totally loving the super adorable and talented balancing elephant (a free pattern by the way!), gorgeous amethyst shawl (completed with 1 skein of yarn) and Cats’ House – purr-fectly sized for your favorite feline! Be sure you pin your favorites too!


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Your Favorites.

Shawl in Amethyst, A Talented Balancing Elephant and Cats’ House

Your Favorites Balancing Elephant Amethyst Shawl Cats House.

1. Amethyst Shawl – Atelier Marie-Lucienne
2. Cats House – Cat Cocoon – Kat Kat Katoen
3. Balancing Elephant – Howling at the Moon

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  1. Hi Sandy, Marjan posted about her shawl here: I do not see a specific pattern for it but you could ask her to perhaps add one? She often adds instructions for items she makes – I know she was learning a new stitch so she may just have made a rectangle using the stitch but she should be able to give you dimensions and a link to the stitch tutorial she followed if you ask 🙂

    All the best,

  2. Thank you very much! I would never miss out your fabulous link party, always lots of inspiration!
    Have a great day,