YarnBomber Sets Guinness World Record!

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YarnBomber Sets Guinness World Record

Stephen Duneier, who many of you may already know as Yarn Bomber on Facebookhas successfully set a new World Record for creating the largest granny square! The finished granny square measures 1311 square feet and weighs over 60-pounds! It took over 2-years, and more than a half million crochet stitches in Red Heart Super Saver Yarn (30 miles of yarn!) to finish this project.

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See below for the complete story, courtesy of Carrie Leahew, at Red Heart:

World Record for Largest Crocheted Granny Square

Measuring 1,311 Square Feet Made with Red Heart, America’s Favorite Yarn

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – (June 17, 2016) Setting out on a journey to crochet the largest granny square made by a single person, Stephen Duneier, aka Yarn Bomber, has set the Guinness World Record. The granny square measures 1,311 square feet, weighs over 60 pounds, and has over a half million stitches. It uses 30 miles of Red Heart Super Saver yarn and it took nine hours to lay out to measure and over two years to make!

YarnBomber Sets Guinness World Record for Largest Granny SquareWhile on a business trip in New York, Stephen had the idea of making larger squares for a yarnbombing project he was working on. He was on the hunt for Red Heart Super Saver and found a store in Harlem that was open until 10pm. He walked 50 blocks after a business dinner to stock up on as much yarn as he could carry. He didn’t know at the time, but that was the beginning of the largest Granny Square.


Said Stephen Duneier, Yarn Bomber – “I crocheted just one square the rest of the trip, adding skein after skein. When I arrived home, I submitted an application to the Guinness World Records to create a new category, but it was rejected. I didn’t give up though and appealed its decision and it decided to allow the new category of Largest Crocheted Square, but set a minimum size of 32’ 9” square, that gave me a target.”


Realizing the amount of yarn that was needed, Stephen reached out to Red Heart to ask if they would sponsor his efforts. We said yes and agreed Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo was the perfect fit as it was an acrylic yarn that is durable, comes in lots of colors, and has 744 yards in one skein. .


“When Stephen reached out to us about going for the World Record, we were honored that he chose our yarn to make it happen!” said Carrie Leahew, Senior Consumer Marketing Manager, Red Heart Yarns.

Determination and lots of yarn got this yarn bomber to achieve his goal of obtaining the World Record for Largest Crocheted Granny Square. To see more pictures and videos, please visit yarnbomber.com.


About Red Heart

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About Stephen Duneier

Stephen Duneier, aka Yarnbomber, is an avid outdoorsman, logging well over 1,000 miles a year in the mountains of Santa Barbara, California. He hikes, bikes, runs, unicycles, goes barefoot and even uses jumping stilts to traverse the trails. With the permission and praise of the US Forest Service, Stephen uses large scale fiber art installations in the wilderness to draw people of all ages back to nature. Through social media and massive collaborative projects, which so far have involved nearly 700 contributing fiber artists from 41 countries and all 50 US states, he aims to build a global community of kind & creative people. Mr. Duneier’s artwork is represented by the world renowned art gallery, Sullivan Goss. www.yarnbomber.com

You can find and follow Stephen at the following Social Media Sites: 

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Read his complete account of the Worlds Largest Granny Square. Check out all the extra photos too!

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You will be inspired! I was!


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