Learn How to Find the Back Bump of the Starting Chain

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I love working in the back bump of the starting chain. I find it gives my starting chain row a lot more elasticity and it leaves me with a lovely finished edge for my project. Watch the crochet tutorial video below, or look through the included photo tutorial to find out where the back bump of the starting chain stitch can be found.

Learn How to Find the Back Bump of the Starting Chain

Tutorial Learn To Crochet Locate the Back Bump

Crochet Tutorial Video for the Back Bump

It is very easy to do once you know where to find the little loop.

Back Bump Tutorial @OombawkaDesign


See how I am working behind the starting chain in the above photo?

When I roll the starting chain over you will see the little bump on the back.

working in the back bump @OombawkaDesign


This is the “back bump” often referred to in crochet patterns.

You simply slip your hook beneath the loop and work the stitches indicated in the pattern.

To see a comparison between the different ways to work into the starting chain please visit this post:

Alternate Ways to Work into the Starting Chain

Did you know? The back bump is also referred to as the back bar and some people even call it the third loop of the stitch.


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