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The DK Oh Canada Boutique is here!

The DK Oh Canada Boutique includes a collection of Canadian Editions of books and guides – with information specific and relevant to, Canada. Some examples include our Canadian Gardening Guides; which will reflect the correct hardiness zones for our Canadian growing seasons; our Canadian Education Books and Reference Guides and School Levelled Readers are created based on our Canadian language (i.e. spelling) and our school curriculums.

I invite you to browse the complete collection of Canadian Content at DK Canada.

When I was asked which book I would like to receive to review from the Oh Canada Boutique I chose:

Spell Check Canadian Edition Book Review

Title: Spell Check – Canadian Edition
Published By: Dorling Kindersley, June 6, 2016
ISBN: 9781553632757

Spell Check ~ Canadian Edition

When I went to school in the 1980’s we were taught spelling in school. It was a core subject each and every student was taught in the primary levels. It was important – it was one of the fundamental building blocks the rest of our education system was built upon – something we needed to know, appreciate and apply to everything else we would ever learn.

In Ontario, Canada, spelling is no longer a subject which is ‘taught’ in a classroom setting in our Public Schools. Our children are currently educated under a ‘play to learn’ system.

I am a bit old-fashioned I suspect, but I truly believe it is important to have a solid foundation in education and thus my children are learning how to spell at home. Spelling is a necessary tool my children will need to rely on for years to come.

Finding resources to teach my children at home about these ‘forgotten’ rules and concepts can be somewhat challenging; finding resources which are based on Canadian language rules can be even more difficult. This is why I was very excited to find Spell Check – Canadian Edition is truly based on Canadian Language Rules.

I just purchased a 2nd copy of this book for my son, so he and my daughter can sit down and work on their own copies, together.

Spelling can be challenging because there are a lot of rules and a lot of exceptions to the rules you must follow in order to master the English language.

Spell Check, Canadian Edition includes all the spelling rules and patterns you need to know. It also address questions like “Why Learn to Spell?”, “Can’t I rely on a dictionary or spell checker?”, “Why do I need this book?” straight away.

In case you were wondering… Spell Checkers aren’t able to recognize homophones, mistyped words or even suggest which word you need to use when you don’t know how to spell it to begin with.

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The Contents of Spell Check are broken down into 3 different colour coded categories: Tips (orange), Rules (green) and Activities (blue).

I’ve included a list of just some of the rules Spell Check addresses:

  • the phonic families
  • long vowel sounds
  • short vowel sounds
  • digraphs and trigraphs
  • plurals
  • adding “ed” and “ing”
  • changing “y” to “i” and adding “es”
  • using mnemonics
  • soft and hard “g”
  • igh sound
  • apostrophes
  • suffixes
  • prefixes
  • irregular verbs
  • verbs ending with “e”
  • “er” and “est”
  • sound families
  • homophones (i.e. right vs write, fowl vs foul, to vs too vs two)
  • contractions
  • silent letters

Each rule is presented and then practised by completing specific (and fun!) activities. Every page is filled with bright colours and photographs, bold print and easy to follow instructions.

Spell Check Word Art Example Book Review DKLively Labelling Spell Check DK Book ReviewI love DK Books because they are always filled with bright colors and images; printed on quality paper and filled with accurate and relevant material. Spell Check does this and more – it is an essential resource for Canadian children to learn how to spell correctly. With more than 2000-words, including high-frequency sight words and fun and challenging activities like crossword puzzles, word jumbles and word searches, Spell Check engages young minds to teach them how to spell correctly.

P.S. DK also offers Spell Check as a U.K. Edition and a U.S. Edition!

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  1. There’s so much I don’t know…lol! Spelling always came easy to me and it was taught in school. Why would anyone think that learning to spell isn’t a necessity in school. I’m glad to know that there are options for those that have young ones.

  2. This book would be very helpful. It’s scary what the kids are not being taught in school these days. (Spell check corrected 2 of my words. LOL)

  3. I’m always misspelling words. I love this because it will be great in my old age brain farts.

  4. This is awesome! I need to get the U.S. version, since my family homeschools and we are always looking for new books.