Waistcoat Stitch Potholder Pattern

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Free Crochet Pattern & Stitch Tutorial (Photo & Video)

Waistcoat Stitch Potholder Pattern

Hook: 4.5 mm

Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton (WW Cotton Yarn)

Finished Dimensions:  This potholder measures 6.5″ x 6.5″ – you can easily make this larger (or smaller).

Just increase the starting chain to the width you wish for your potholder and follow the pattern below (ignoring the stitch counts at the end of the rounds)- working to the length you wish 🙂

Waistcoat Stitch Potholder

This potholder is 1-cm thick and very dense (no holes).

Waistcoat Stitch Potholder

Abbreviations: ch – chain, st – stitch, sts – stitches, sc – single crochet, sl st – slip stitch, WST – waistcoat stitch

Stitch Diagram

Waistcoat Stitch Diagram Oombawka Design Crochet

Waistcoat Stitch Diagram Oombawka Design Crochet KEY

Waistcoat Stitch Potholder Pattern Instructions

R1: chain 21

You will now work around the outside of this chain (on both sides).

1 sc in each st across, 2 sc in the end st, turn 180 degrees to work along the bottom of the chain, 1 sc in each st across, 2 sc in the end st, turn 180 degrees [44]

You will now work in continous rounds for the rest of the potholder. You may wish to use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round.

R2: 1 WST in each st around [44]

R3: repeat R2 until your potholder measures 6.5″ [44]


Flatten the potholder.

You will now work through both layers to close the potholder.

1 sl st, through both layers, in each st across [22], ch 21, sl st back to the corner edge of the potholder (this is the potholder hanging loop). Finish off and weave in ends.


Photo Tutorial & Video Tutorial for the Waistcoat Stitch

For a Photo Tutorial of the Waistcoat Stitch visit this post: An Old Crochet Stitch, Done in a New Way

View my video tutorial below (please note there is no SOUND on the video).

Since I have two small and very noisy little ones running about it would have been very distracting for you if I were to include sound – I hope this is not a problem – think of it as a ‘silent movie’ – vintage, just like this stitch!


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  1. I can’t figure out where to put my hook to start the waistcoat stitch. I understand how to do it from the video, but that starts in the middle of a project. I’m having trouble seeing the “V”s after the first row.

  2. Hi Cyndi 🙂 You have a potholder worked in rounds so you have two sides if you flatten it out. When you worked in the beginning chain you worked on both sides of the chain to make a circle. So when you flatten the project at the end of all the repeat rounds, you would need to work through both sides of the circle to close it so you can no longer put your hand inside it like a mitten. Or you can leave it open to use like an oven mitt instead if you want but you may want to increase the repeat rounds to make it a little bit longer 🙂 All the best, Rhondda

  3. Hi Monica. You would work on both sides of the chain. So when you reach the end of the chain of 21, instead of turning and going back to the other side in top of the stitches you made, you rotate the beginning chain which you just worked into and work into the free loop on the opposite side of the initial chain. This allows you to crochet in rounds – not back and forth. Like you would on the sole of a slipper…maybe if you take a look at the bottom of one of these slippers you will understand what I am trying to say.

    Let me know if this helps 🙂 Thanks! Rhondda

  4. I am confused. When you say to go thru both layers, where am I getting 2 layers? Am I supposed to make 2 and stitch together?

  5. Do you ha e a photo of what the beginning row should look like? I am not quite understanding what you mean by work in the bottom of the chain.

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  7. Hi Kerri, Very welcome for the Waistcoat Stitch Tutorial 🙂 It is one of my favorite stitches and it makes a fantastic, thick fabric.

  8. I love how thick and consistent it works up. Look forward to trying the stitch out. Thank you for the tutorial.

  9. I love making my own potholders and especially when they produce thick protection like this one. Also a great way to learn a new stitch.

  10. How can I print this? I tried to copy and paste, but only the photos would copy.

  11. I’ve been wanting to do this design. My first thought was it is done by knitting but now i know its done by crocheting. Thank you so much for the video