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I recently decided to try a free 14-day trial with Viraltag. There was no credit card required to do this!!

I have been searching for an easy way to schedule my Instagram shares and also looking for a visual content marketing platform which would allow me to combine shares for multiple social media networks simultaneously.

Currently I am using a number of platforms – flipping back and forth between them – in order to cross promote my content across multiple networks.  It is a time consuming process.

Managing my time is extremely important to me – as a Mom and as a Professional Blogger. Every second I can save is a second I can spend with my family.

Viraltag is a very straightforward platform – it supports scheduling to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. Depending on your selected Viraltag Plan, you can connect multiple accounts for social channels. For example for Facebook I can connect my Personal Facebook Page, my Business Facebook Page, as well as, Facebook Groups where I am an acting Administrator.

You can share different messages to each account too! You are not stuck sharing the same message everywhere. Simply clone the visual content you want to share and write a message and choose either a specific date and time to share your post, add it to your queue of scheduled spots throughout the day, or even share it immediately.

Just a note: Instagram is very strict with how you are allowed to share to their platform – Viraltag allows you to schedule your content to share in advance of a specific publishing date/time and then sends you a notification on your device at the time you have decided to post. Simply follow the prompts on your device to post the content (Viraltag walks you through it all and even copies your pre-saved description so you can just paste it in place on Instagram before you share your content). This saves me so much time and allows me to prepare posts to share in advance of the best sharing times – all in one sitting – rather than sharing one-at-a-time from scratch. Viraltag makes sharing to Instagram easy for me.

Viraltag has several options available for finding appropriate content to share with your readers.

  • You can handpick RSS Feeds from your favorite websites and blogs to display images of recent posts for you to choose from. You can simply select from the visuals you want to share and schedule those shares right from Viraltag – when someone clicks on the image you have shared he/she will be directed to the original website, or blog where the original content was available.

Viraltag Content Management Platform Visual 1

  • You can also search Popular Images, by keyword or category, to find content you want to share with your readers. Simply click on the image you want to share from the Popular Images, change any of the details you wish and select the social media channels you would like to share to. The content is shared, with the a link to the original content to ensure traffic is assigned to the proper source.

Viraltag Content Management Visual 3

Viraltag Content Management Visual 4

  • You can use the Viraltag Browser Extension (I use the Chrome Version) and easily share any visual content while surfing the www! When you click on the browser extension it will load every single image available on the page you are currently viewing and you can select one, multiple, or all of the images to share. You can schedule them each at different times – or all to share at the same time across each of the social media networks you have added to your Viraltag Platform.

Viraltag Content Management Visual 2

  • You can also search Instagram (can you believe it?) to find content simply and easy to regram! Search using a keyword or #hashtag and choose the photo(s) you would like to schedule straight from your dashboard. The original user’s handle and the caption will be automatically added to your description too!

Viraltag Content Management Visual 5

  • …and if you look at the left sidebar in the image above…you can also connect to Google Drive, Flickr, Facebook, Dropbox and your Computer to upload content to share! You can also search by Image – Viraltag will only display Creative Commons Licensed photos which you are allowed to alter and share within this option.

Another feature I really love is how Viraltag is integrated with Canva. This integration allows you to easily edit and/or create original graphics to schedule and share. All the graphics you create will be stored in your Viraltag Dashboard too.

Viraltag Content Management Visual 7

I am very impressed by how easy it is to work with Viraltag to curate and share visual content online – I am even more impressed by the powerful and user friendly Reports I can access from my dashboard. After integrating Google Analytics, I am able to see the best times to post to receive the highest level of engagement. This is simply presented in a way I can see and understand without needing to flip through numerous options.

Viraltag Content Management Visual 8

The Google Analytics integration shows traffic lines for each social media account you have included – for my own report I have lines in multiple colors: Red (Total Visits),  Dark Blue (Facebook), Light Blue Green (Twitter), Light Blue (Tumblr), Green (Pinterest), Yellow (Linkedin) and Black (Instagram). Beneath the overview you get a grand total by social media network too so you can quickly establish which channel you receive the greatest traffic from easily.

Another chart is included too. A time-specific analysis to let you know when the best (and worst) times of day would be for you to share.

Using these tools you can set up a posting schedule for each social media network. Then, when you queue your share it will be slotted to share at one of these predetermined times of day!

The only feature missing (for me) from Viraltag is integration with Google+ products. I still need to schedule shares to Google+ using alternate platforms – for everything else – I can easily schedule and share with Viraltag.

Viraltag offers a number of plans:

  • Blogger plan is $12 a month for one team member to connect up to 3 social accounts
  • Professional Plan is $29 a month for one team member to connect up to 10 social accounts
  • Business Plan offers team workflows for up to 3 team members and is $99 a month

You can currently save 20% if you sign up for an annual plan – you do need to pay in advance for the full year term. If you choose a monthly plan you can cancel at any time and you will be charged for the current billing cycle only.

You can also elect to write an honest review of Viraltag on your blog to receive a discount toward the cost of their Pro Plan.

Overall, I definitely recommend Viraltag; for ease of use and customer service they have been exceptional to work with. Their platform speaks for itself – for me it truly is the best Pinterest and Instagram marketing tool I have found to date!



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