Spanish Crochet Terms and English Translations

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Do you have a crochet pattern you would like to make but it includes Spanish Crochet Terms? Browse our available English Translations for some of the more common Spanish Crochet Terms below. This is part of our Crochet Translation Project.

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Spanish Crochet Terms and English Translations

Spanish Crochet Terms and English Translations

Thank you to: Viviana Meza, Ezra Frida,  Lizette Caballero and Tekkla Creations for their help with these translations.

Please remember this is a work-in-progress and if you have any suggestions, corrections or terms to add – please send me a message or leave a comment so we can update the chart! When we have received more than one translation they will be separated by a / . For example we have received three for BEGINNING:  comienzo / inicio / principio

To make the page a bit easier to search using the [CTRL F] here are the terms below:

U.S. Crochet TermsSpanish Crochet Terms
back LoopAnillos a la detras del trabajo / Lazo trasero
back loop onlyAnillos a la detras del trabajo
back postpunto alto triple en relieve por detras de la labor / Parte posterior
back post single crochetPunto bajo por el poste de atras / punto bajo poste trasero / Punto sencillo parte posterior
back post half double crochetpunto medio alto poste trasero / Medio punto parte posterior
back post double crochetPunto alto por el poste de atras / punto alto poste trasero
back post triple (treble) crochetpunto alto doble o vareta doble / Triple punto largo parte posterior
beginningcomienzo / inicio / principio
chaincadeneta (cad / pc) / cadena  / Punto al aire (CAD)
chain spaceEspacio de cadena / Espacio en cadeneta / Espacio
clusterpuntos altos cerrados en el mismo punto / grupo / racimo
continueSe continuan / continuar
decreasedisminucion / Se disminuen/ Disminuyendo / Disminuir (D)
double crochetpunto alto doble (pad) / punto alto / Punto largo / Vareta doble (P)
double triple (treble) crochetPunto alto doble doble / Doble punto largo triple
fasten off / bind offdesmontar / cerrar o desmontar / cortar / Fije apagado / cerrar punto
follow / follows / followingSeguir / Siguiendo / Siguiente / sigue
front loopAnillos al frente del trabajo / Lazo / punto delantero
front loop only
front post ( sc , hdc , dc )punto alto triple en relieve por delante de la labor
front post single crochetPunto bajo por el poste de la frente / punto bajo poste de enfrente
front post half double crochet punto medio alto poste de enfrente
front post double crochetPunto alto por el poste de la frente
front post triple (treble) crochetPunto alto doble por el poste de la frente
half double crochetpunto alto  / medio punto alto / Media vareta (MP)
increaseaumento / se aumenten / Aumentar (A)
insert hookInsertar aguja / meter gancho / Insertar crochet
join / join into ringjuntar / unir / unir formando anillo / Unir en un aro
lastultimo / final
loophebilla(s) / Boucle(s) / Hebilla(s)
magic ring (MR)Anillo / Anillo mágico (AR)
nextproximo / siguiente
picotpiquito / pico
place markerponer marcador / Marcador / marcadores
repeatrepetir / se repiten (REP)
repeat from * to *Se repiten ** a **
reverse single crochetpunto cangrejo
right side (correct side)Lado derecho / Lado correcto / el derecho
right side (opposite of left)
rowvuelta / fila
single crochetpunto bajo
skipsaltear / rematar / saltarse o pasarse / saltar
slip stitchpunto enano (pe) / punto deslizado / punto raso / punto falso
space (s)Espacio(s)
times– (V)
triple ( or treble ) crochetTriple punto alto doble
turn the workGirar el trabajo / darle la vuelta al tejido
work / make
wrong sideLado a la izquierda / Lado equivocado / el reverso
yarn overlazada /crecido o basta a lanzada / Hilo adelante /Hebra sobre ganchillo / Hilo por arriba / Pasar hilo sobre

sc – single crochet (US Term) pb – punto bajo (Spanish Term)

st – stitch (US Term) pto – punto (Spanish Term)

sl st – slip stitch (US Term) pr – punto raso (Spanish Term)

hdc – half double crochet (US Term) mpa – medio punto alto (Spanish Term)

dc – double crochet (US Term) pa – punto alto (Spanish Term)

rev sc – reverse single crochet or crab stitch (US Term) punto cangrejo (Spanish Term)

If you have a pattern you are translating with Google Translate here are some helpful examples:

Punto is directly translated as point, or as we know it stitch

Punto alto is directly translated as High Stitch, or as we know it double crochet

Punto bajo is directly translated as low point, or as we know it single crochet

Punto raso is directly translated as satin stitch or satin point. We know it as slip stitch

Punto cangrejo is directly translated as crab point or as we know it reverse single crochet (crab stitch)

Great List of Terms with Symbols can be found here too! Patrones Para Crochet

The Beginner Crochet Stitches and Symbols You Need to Know.(Opens in a new browser tab)

The Beginner Crochet Stitches You Need to Know.(Opens in a new browser tab)

Spanish Crochet Terms - Crochet Translation Project

This post includes Spanish Crochet Terms which have been translated to English Crochet Terms (American Terms). 

We have more Dutch Crochet Terms available too.  Other languages included in our Crochet Translation Project are: Swahili, Finnish, English U.K., English U.S., Afrikaans, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish and German.

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  1. Hi Martina do they give you the actual terms (rather than just their abbreviations?). That would help us find the translations for you.

  2. Please, can someone help me translate terms: SHT, SHD, 2CDG, 3CDG, TPDE?

  3. Please tell me what chentinha translates to from Spanish to English.
    Many thanks

  4. sc – single crochet (US Term) pb – punto bajo (Spanish Term)
    aum – increase
    y= and
    V= row
    18 pb = 18 sc
    divide in 3 pieces and make the fingers
    Row 5 after 11 stitches (6 remain) finish off (I think?)
    rematar = finish off
    a la = to the or at
    dedo solo = single finger
    anillo magico 6 pb is 6 sc in a magic circle (magic ring)
    a la 6 – 6 single crochet

  5. Hey,
    Can somebody translate this to English?
    V2(pb,aum)x6 (18) = (sc,Inc)x6 (18)
    V3 y -18pb =???
    Dividir en 3 partes y hacer los dedos=???
    V5 a la 11-6pb y rematar =???
    Dedo solo=???
    V0-anillo magico 6pb
    V1- a la 6-6pb

  6. Following a crochet pattern, says with yarn make a long chinginha, could this mean a chain stitch ?

    Chentinha, another pattern section still trying to figure what to do

    Maybe I can figure it out by the time I finish the piece

  7. Hi!
    Does anyone know what this is supposed to mean?:
    V= Vareta
    Vj= Varetas juntas

    I think Vj is join together but I am not quite sure. Please help!!!!

  8. Help! I ordered a crochet kit and the instructions are in Spanish! I’ve figured out all but the abbreviation of “carr”! Do you know what this refers to? Thank you!!!!

  9. Hi Shauna, I hope this helps!
    Tejemos 6 mp en una anilla magica que cerramos con 1 pe. Subimos con 2 pc y luego, 5 var y 2 pc Cerramos con pe.

    Tiramos de la Hebra para formar la orejita
    Tejemos is ‘to crochet’
    medio punto alto (MP) is ‘half double crochet’
    en una anilla magtico is ‘magic ring”
    punto enana (pe) is ‘slip stitch’

    Crochet 6 half double crochet in a magic ring finish off with a slip stitch.

    Subimos con 2 pc y luego, 5 var y 2 pc Cerramos con pe.
    subimo means ‘we go up’
    2 pc is ‘chain 2’
    y luego means ‘and next’
    5 var means ‘5 stitches’
    y 2 pc means ‘and then chain 2’
    cerramos con pe ‘finish off with a slip stitch’

    Chain 2 and make the next 5 stitches, chain 2 and finish off with a slip stitch.

    Tiramos de la Hebra para formar la orejita
    Tiramos is “pull”
    de la is ‘on/of the’
    Hebra ‘yarn’
    para la orejita ‘to make the ear’

    Pull on the yarn to make the ear. … this might to pull the yarn tail be to close the magic ring?

    Trabajmos con tepid o lineal
    trabajmos is ‘we work’
    o lineal is ‘linear’

    Work in a straight line.

  10. I am going to post the whole paragraph that I am trying to translate.
    (Trabajmos con tepid o lineal) I think means to stitch in a line or across instead of spiral? But I think the next line says to use a magic ring joined with a sl st? But the next part I don’t understand and google translate doesn’t have any suggestions for some of it.
    (Tejemos 6 mp en una anilla magica que cerramos con 1 pe. Subimos con 2 pc y luego, 5 var y 2 pc Cerramos con pe.
    Tiramos de la Hebra para formar la orejita) I would appreciate any help or suggestions you have to offer with this Spanish pattern.
    Thank you so much for your consideration.

  11. What does dism symbol mean in Spanish translate to English?

  12. Hi Rhondda, I want to thank you and the others for putting this together.

  13. Hi Rose, I do not know what the 5 K means. Is there maybe a special stitch in the pattern that they are using and have abbreviated to “K”?

  14. Here are some abbreviations I’m working with.

    AM- magic ring
    Pb- single crochet.
    A- increase
    D- decrease
    Mp-half double crochet
    P- double crochet.
    Cad- chain stitch
    Rep- repeat
    V- times

  15. Does anyone know what 5 K means? I’m crocheting from a pattern written in Spanish.

  16. Hi Kawthar, can you please give me an example of the sentence the “aut” was used in? Also, is this already translated by google? or was this the actual word in Spanish? Thank you

  17. Hi Kawthar, can you give that to me in an example please? I’m not sure – it could be “corresponding”.

  18. Hey, can you tile me what does mean of” corr”
    In English patterns please?

  19. Hi , just I want to ask what dose the mean of the shortcut of the “ aut ” in the Spanish pattern pleas ?

  20. Hi Emily, I am not sure what that means.
    cerrar means to fasten off
    vareta is used to refer to the type of stitch like vareta o punto alto is double crochet and could be shortened to “V” depending on who is writing the pattern

  21. Hello. Can you please help me. What does this mean, “cereal la V con pd”?
    I don’t know what V is. TIA!

  22. Hi Gillian, I’m not sure. Did they have any words listed with the abbreviations in the pattern? MV might be Media vareta which is hdc but I don’t know for certain.

  23. Hi Sandy, slip stitch in Spanish is: punto enano (pe) / punto deslizado / punto raso / punto falso
    single crochet is punto bajo, double crochet is punto alto doble (pad) / punto alto / Punto largo / Vareta doble,
    chain is: cadeneta (cad / pc) / cadena / Punto al aire

    I’m not sure why pr is shown as pr when sc is being shown already translated? Perhaps they have terms or abbreviations at the beginning of the pattern and the pr means something? like popcorn, bobble or puff stitch?
    9 sc + (5 sc + 2 sc) times 3 = 30 sc
    and 3 sc (1 pr + 5 sc) times 3 + 9 sc = 30 sc
    so a total of 60 sts in total but I don’t know what that pr is. Inc means make 2 sts in one stitch and if they didn’t specify I would assume 2 sc.

    It seems like some of the instructions have already been written in English except that one term? It makes me think it is referring to a special stitch.

  24. Can anyone tell me exactly what this means? I can not get this row to add up to 60 stitches, what am I doing wrong? I am 3 stitches off. I though the pr stood for slip stitch. 9 sc (5sc, inc) * 3 (pr 5sc) 3 * 9 sc (60)

  25. mpa = medio punto alto = half double crochet
    cad al air = chain
    I think it means chain 6 and work 2 half double crochets.

    Hope this helps!

  26. Can anyone help me translate
    (2) 6 cad al air 2 medio pto alto

    I don’t quite understand what the translation it,

  27. Hi Tjode, do you have the untranslated words for the past point? That sounds like a google translation attempt. I’m pretty sure it will be ponto baixissimo which is slip stitch. Hope this helps, Rhondda

  28. Can you tell me what “begin withan air chain( I assume that means chain), but it then says end with a past point” could you help me with that? Thanks tons.

  29. vuelta = row
    puntos medios / punto medio = half double crochet (hdc) – U.S. Terms
    cadena = chain
    Cerramos y deiamos hilo para cose = finish off leaving an end for sewing
    Anillo = into
    Anillo mágico = into magic ring
    pico = picot
    I’m not sure what p y 1 is – did they have it as a full written term rather than the abbreviation anywhere?

  30. What does the terms mean?
    au por la vuelta.
    1 p y 1Au por la vuelta.
    2 p y 1Au por la vuelta.
    10 vueltas de punto medio.
    2p y 1Dis por la vuelta.
    Colocos los oios antes de cerrar y rellenar.
    1 p y 1Dis Poe la vuelta.
    Disminuimos haste cerrar por completo.
    Cadena de 6p.
    Patitas ( 2 Amarillas y 2 Azules) Anillio magico de 4p.
    Anillo de 4p.
    Au por la vuelta.
    1 p y 1Au la vuelta.
    Vuelta de puntos medios.
    1p y 1Dis por la vuelta.
    2 vueltas do punto medio.
    Cerramos y deiamos hilo para coser.

  31. cerradas = cluster
    juntas = together
    MV might be Media vareta and media vareta = half double crochet

    Hope this helps,

  32. Muchas gracias!!! Esta conversión de abreviaciones me ha tenido muy confundida. Su página es excelente y se nota que está hecha con cariño. Saludos desde Costa Rica 🙂

  33. Hi Katie, There are Spanish terms that have been donated in the post for you to cross check against your patterns – I cannot translate actual patterns for you – I only speak English. The translations have been donated by other Crocheters to help people understand patterns they find online. Best of luck translating your design, All the best, Rhondda

  34. I have a snoooy im trying to crochet i need help translating some the pattern

  35. Hi Kate, medio punto alto is half double crochet. I suspect they shortened that to medio punto. Hope this helps! Rhondda

  36. Thank you soooooo much! I’m working on a project for my husband’s birthday and the only pattern I could find for it was in Spanish. I did have a question I didn’t see answered here. What is mp = medio punto? Is that the same as your translation above: half double crochet? Or is it a slip stitch? I’m very confused by it, and it makes up the majority of the pattern.

  37. Hi Maria, I am not sure what that means – it almost sounds like it was translated by Google – which does not always change the words for Crochet and Knitting patterns to the correct terms. If you have the original pattern in Spanish it may be easier to understand what they are asking? Thanks, Rhondda

  38. I have a Pebbles pattern that was translated from spanish to english. Was doing fine with the head until I got to the hair and problem started here is what it says=”hair tip 1 grain (with 25 sc)1:25 sc, 25 SC will remain as the BLO(50)
    2-5: we continue without breaking the 50sc rope.the next 14sc li recipe,20sc recipe,16sc recipe will be made

  39. Hi Andy, pb is single crochet
    sc – single crochet (US Term) pb – punto bajo (Spanish Term)

    I’m not sure what that (Ala3) bit means. The 9 pb + 11 pb + 21 pb + 10 pb + 8 pb = 59 single crochet in total
    Did the row or round before have more than 59 stitches – I am wondering if maybe it is meaning skip 3, skip 2 skip 1 skip 2 and skip 3? So the row/round before might have had 70 stitches in total?

    Hope this helps,

  40. 9pb (Ala3), 11pb (Ala2), 21pb (Ala1), 10pb (Ala2), 8pb (Ala3) (59)

    Lap 2-8: 59pb
    Please what does this mean?????

  41. The terms provided were submitted by volunteers 🙂 I do not speak Spanish. If you have any corrections to submit, please let me know 🙂 Thank you, Rhondda.

  42. What exactly is cs and vta and I’m confused with you using “cucharada” which means a spoonful as if cooking food.

  43. Thank you so much for this translation tool. Is there a way to download it in a compact document? I’d like to have a printed copy on one sheet but can’t seem to find a way to do that.
    Thanks so much!

  44. Hi!

    Do you know how to translate to Spanish, when in an instruction it says:

    Chain one.

    I mean, it should be “Teje la cadena uno”, or simply “cadena uno”.


    Chain one and work three dc into the ring.

  45. I need help translating these two Spanish crochet lines:
    Rnd 35: * cs2jun, sc en siguiente 1 cucharada and

    Vta 10: *2 cs en el siguiente cs, cs en los siguientes 2 cs; repetir desde * hasta el final de la vta (16)

  46. Hi Randi 🙂 This might help:
    Punto is directly translated as point, or as we know it stitch

    Punto alto is directly translated as High Stitch, or as we know it double crochet

    Punto bajo is directly translated as low point, or as we know it single crochet

    Punto raso is directly translated as satin stitch or satin point. We know it as slip stitch

    Punto cangrejo is directly translated as crab point or as we know it reverse single crochet (crab stitch)

    I’ve added it to the post above too.

    All the best, Rhondda

  47. I watched a video in Spanish where she did a stitch so fast with small yarn that I couldn’t tell whether it was a double or a treble crochet, and the caption kept calling it a “high point”. Does anyone know what it is?

  48. Thank you so much for your work for all of us who can’t seem to get some of these languages
    for their beautiful designs. Loretta, 8/28/2015 2:15

  49. This design is spectacular! You obviously know how to
    keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos,
    I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Excellent job.

    I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.

    Too cool!

  50. Hi Lizette, Which were these for?
    Punto alto doble relieve tomado por atras/punto vareta doble tomado por atras? Thx!

  51. i made a mistake earlier in on of my post, sorry for that…..the treble is known as punto alto doble o vareta doble..

  52. no short form
    Punto alto doble relieve tomado por atrás/ Punto Vareta doble tomado por atrás

  53. back post triple (treble) crochet BPtr

    punto alto triple por el poste de atras

  54. Hi, im just trying to help you in your charts, the correct definition to before in spanish is antes (atras in english is back)