Tutorial Thursday with Rhondda and Amy!

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Hi Oombawka Design Readers 🙂

Starting September 1st, our Let’s Learn A New Crochet Stitch Event is changing to:

Crochet Tutorial Thursday with Rhondda and Amy

Crochet Tutorial Thursday

with Rhondda and Amy



Still FREE, still great content…but now – the content is based on requests from you, our readers.

What we need you to do is think about what tutorials you would like us to share with you and then leave us a comment right here on this blog post. Or, if you are shy about commenting online – feel free to send me a personal message right here: CONTACT

I’m also available on Facebook – through the Private Messaging feature on the Oombawka Design Crochet Page.

The tutorials can be whatever you want them to be – you can request a video, a photo tutorial, or even help with an existing pattern on either of our blogs. We aim to please 🙂 You can also leave requests for future patterns/designs if you want – we can always work one into a Tutorial Thursday post if we need to 🙂


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If you are searching for something new to try this week, feel free to take a look at one of our past Tutorial posts – we have more than 100 available:

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We hope to hear from you!

♥ Rhondda & Amy


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