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This Guest Post was prepared for Oombawka Design by Elaine Bennett, Editor of of the UK-based magazine LGC Knitting & Crochet and the new crochet pattern website

I think you are going to enjoy this post – and all of the great free crochet pattern goodness included!

Here’s a little look at some of the awesome free crochet patterns you can find at Top Crochet Patterns:

Top 7 Awesome Free Crochet Patterns | Elaine's Guest Post @OombawkaDesign


Top Crochet Patterns is a new website featuring hundreds of free crochet patterns from past issues of the UK-based magazine LGC Knitting & Crochet.

Whether you’re addicted to amigurumi, gaga about granny squares or besotted by baby patterns, there’s bound to be a project to inspire you.

Don’t forget that UK and US crochet stitch abbreviations differ.

All of our patterns are written in UK terms.

Follow the handy guide below to ensure you don’t get in a muddle.

Conversion Image  | Top 7 Awesome Free Crochet Patterns | Elaine's Guest Post @OombawkaDesign

Here’s my pick of my favourite free patterns from the website – I hope you have fun making them!

Top 7 Awesome FREE Crochet Patterns

Click the titles below to visit the free pattern(s) of your choice.

1. Cute hoot

Owl  | Top 7 Awesome Free Crochet Patterns | Elaine's Guest Post @OombawkaDesign

Start Helen Ardley’s cute Christopher owl pattern by joining six granny squares into a strip.

2. Perfect poncho

Poncho  | Top 7 Awesome Free Crochet Patterns | Elaine's Guest Post @OombawkaDesign

Ponchos look incredibly cute on babies and are also really easy to pop over little wriggling limbs. Jackie Carreira’s colourful cape uses six calming colours – have fun choosing your own colour combo.

3. Amazing amigurumi

Amigurumi  | Top 7 Awesome Free Crochet Patterns | Elaine's Guest Post @OombawkaDesign

Make an octopus, a snail and even a platypus with this cute collection of amigurumi toys by Irene Strange.

4. Darling doilies

Doilies  | Top 7 Awesome Free Crochet Patterns | Elaine's Guest Post @OombawkaDesign

Karen Wiederhold’s crocheted doilies are a great way to brighten up your coffee table this summer. They’re really easy to complete too!

5. Bobbles galore

Hot Water Bottle  | Top 7 Awesome Free Crochet Patterns | Elaine's Guest Post @OombawkaDesign

Jackie Carreira’s gorgeous hot water bottle cosy is a great opportunity to try making bobbles, which are much simpler than they look.

6. Mr. Snaps

Mr Snaps | Top 7 Awesome Free Crochet Patterns

Mister Snaps by Irene Strange is mainly worked in four row colour stripes. Little ones will love stuffing him with pencils and taking him to school.

7. Case closed

Hook Case  | Top 7 Awesome Free Crochet Patterns | Elaine's Guest Post @OombawkaDesign

With its pretty floral details and rainbow shades, Jackie Carreira’s charming hook holder is the ideal way to keep your favourite tools in tip-top condition.


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  1. These are some of the cutest patterns. I love the doilies and the snappy pencil holder is just too darn adorable. Thank you for sharing these.

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