Top 10 Crochet Tools – Holiday Gift Guide

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Crochet is a huge part of my life and having great tools is very important to me. Not only can the right tool make my job easier – it can also enable me to crochet for longer lengths of time with less pain and discomfort…

and…if I am honest…I like pretty things!

Being a very visual person there is just something rewarding in using pretty and colorful tools…

These are the tools you will find in my crochet kit!

Top 10 Crochet Tools in my Toolkit!

Here are my

Top 10 Crochet Tool Picks for 2015!

My Toolkit Top 10 Crochet Tools numbered

Top 10 Crochet Tools in this Crocheter’s Toolkit

1.  Furls Crochet Hooks

2. Furls Candy Shop Hooks

3. DMC 61253 Peacock Embroidery Scissor, 3 3/4 inches

4. Clover Lock Ring Markers

5. Clover 3672 Amour Crochet Hook Set, 10 sizes

6. Clover 3180 10-Piece Wonder Clips, Neon Green

7. Clover 3675 Amour Steel Crochet Hook Set

8. Clover Takumi Getaway Soft Touch Crochet Hooks Gift Set, 8 Sizes

9. Clover Large Pom Pom Maker

10. Clover Chibi with Darning Needles

If you LOVE my flip flop stitch markers they were handmade by: Jennifer of Day By Day Crochet on Facebook

(You can read my review post here “Day By Day Crochet” and check out some of her beautiful handmade handled hooks too!)

Crochet Hook Case AtelierDeSoyun

and my crochet hook case (which is one of my very favorite things) was made by: AtelierDeSoyun on Etsy.

 Crochet Case Crochet Hook Case Crochet Hook Holder Needle Case Craft Bag in Textured Cherry Red

It was specially designed/modified to fit my Clover and Furls hooks so if you are looking for a similar one you will need to message the Seller with specifics 🙂 and she is amazingly helpful in getting it just the way you want it!

What is in your Crochet Toolkit?


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