Free Crochet Owl Hat Patterns

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This week we have a fun and free collection of crochet owl hat patterns!

Owl Hats continue to be a favorite – and my children love them – when I take my daughter to school we see so many different varieties of owl hats – and they are always so bright and colourful!

Free Crochet Owl Hat Patterns

Crochet Owl Hat Patterns Round Up

All images are the copyright of the Designers specified in the individual pattern links below, unless otherwise noted.

1. Crochet Owl Hat by Sarah Zimmerman – Repeat Crafter Me
2. Woolly Owl Hat by Kat Goldin – Slugs on the Refrigerator
3. Sleeping Owl by Corina Gray – Stitch11
4. Loopy Flower Owl Hat by Gwen Duhart – Adorably Hooked
5. Oh Boy Oh Boy the Owl by Lorene Haythorn Eppolite- Cre8tion Crochet
6. Baby/ Child’s Owl Hat by Elizabeth Trantham – Crochet in Color Blog
7. Tweedy Owl Hat by Breanna Krueger
8. Not ANOTHER Owl Hat! by Oombawka Design
9. The angry owl hat by Maz Kwok – Be A Crafter xD
10. Owl Hat by Debra Dandaneau – Coudre du coeur

The collection of owl hat patterns listed above includes various sizes – some are available in a full range of sizes (like #1) – while others are available for free in only one size (like #10).


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