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Back in April I submitted an idea to Sean and Holly at Chetnanigans™ for a On The Go Crochet Hook Case. It is actually something I have been searching for for quite some time. I’d even been searching locally at our antique markets because I had a very specific idea in mind of what I wanted my case to be like.

Some of you may be familiar with the old school pencil boxes? With the sliding top which opens to expose a pencil trough and then a small circular area for an eraser or paper clips (not sure what that little circle was for it could very well have been for an ink pot back in the day!). Anyway, I saw an image online a few years ago for an item which had sold on Etsy for a pencil box and I saved it to my computer.

It took me a while to find it online again and PIN it so I could share it with you in this post – because I do not have permission to share the image itself I have added it as a Pinterest embed PIN instead. This is the idea I submitted:


I was worried they wouldn’t like the idea because it is a pretty old-fashioned concept… so when they told me they were developing The Tiered Travel Case I was super excited 🙂 When I finally received the case it was even better than I expected. It is so much more than my old fashioned pencil box idea. Here’s a little look at the whole case:

Chetnanigans New Tiered Travel Case Product Review Oombawka Design

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Chetnanigans™ – The Tiered Travel Case


Brand: Chetnanigans™
Product Name: The Tiered Travel Case
Weight: 1.5 pounds loaded and closed
Dimensions: 7 inches high, 4.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep
Materials: Solid Red Oak, with an inlaid strip of Black Walnut on the Cover
Cover: 1/4 inch thick
First Level:  2 Needle Slots [holds #13 Tapestry Needles) Crochet Hook Trough #1, Stitch Marker Trough, Folding Scissors Trough and a 36″ Tape Measure Trough
Lowest Level:  3/4 inch thick. Three 5/8 inch deep and 1 inch wide Crochet Hook Troughs. Each trough is 6.5 inches long.
Accessories: You receive the Tapestry Needles, Stitch Markers, Folding Scissors and 36″ Tape Measure with The Tiered Travel Case
Price: $149.99 (at the time of this post)

The Tiered Travel Case is designed with three tiered levels which swivel open and closed. These three levels are held in place by 2 strong magnets so they do not open on their own. This keeps everything you’ve tucked inside nice and secure and you can take your case with you in your project bags. The Tiered Travel Case is the perfect size for travel too – 7″ high by 4.5″ wide and only 1.5″ deep. It is handmade in Midlothian, VA (USA) and the wood the case is constructed with is solid Red Oak, with an inlaid strip of Black Walnut on the top cover. The finished weight is less than 1 pound. After you add your supplies the finished weight is approximately 1.5 pounds.

First Level Chetnanigans New Tiered Travel Case Product Review Oombawka Design

The First Level includes one hook trough for standard crochet hooks, or smaller sizes of comfort grip hooks. I was able to fit up to my 5 mm (H) Clover Amour Hook in the top trough without any issues. I also tried my Clover Soft Touch hooks up to a 5.5 mm (I) and they fit easily. Two to three Boye’s or Bates hooks should fit nicely in the top compartment.

The Tiered Travel Case has 2 needle slots sized to fit #13 tapestry needles, 1 compartment to fit the folding scissors, 1 trough for the stitch markers and 1 trough for the 36 inch tape measure. The Top of the case swivels (slides) smoothly 365 degrees around the pivot screw and locks into place securely with the strong magnet (on the left-side beside the scissors in the above photo). The #13 tapestry needles, the folding scissors, the stitch markers and the 36 inch tape measure are all included with The Tiered Travel Case for no additional cost.

Lower Level Chetnanigans New Tiered Travel Case Product Review Oombawka Design

The Lower Level of The Tiered Travel Case has 3 additional hook troughs for your hooks. These troughs are deeper than the troughs on the First Level which means my comfort grip hooks fit in there quite nicely! I tried out my Polymer Clay Handled Hooks (pictured is my Foxy J hook), my Clover Amour Hooks (up to my 9 mm M/N fit – my 15 P/Q did not fit but I wasn’t surprised because it is a HUGE hook) and I also tried some of my Furls Hooks. Depending on the style of handle on the hook and size of hook some of them fit too. My Furls Odyssey 5 mm (H) fits and so did all my Heirloom Wood Hooks up to 6 mm (except my Furls Blackwood 5 mm).

As you can see in the above image you can even fit more than one of your Clover Amour hooks in each trough in the lower level. You can swivel the First Level 360 degrees around too and once you close the Lower Level back up, the magnet on the right holds everything securely closed.

I have been in contact with Sean and Holly over the past few months and they are lovely people. If you have a chance to pop over to their Facebook Page and give them a “like” I’d greatly appreciate it. They work very hard to create their beautiful products and a great deal of time and love goes into each and every handmade piece.

The entire case is a handmade work of art – from the beautiful wood to the unique design. For someone who loves to crochet and spends as much time crocheting as I do it is the perfect gift. I can easily take this with me on the go – whether it is to the park with the kids, or on a road trip. I can’t wait to visit someone and take my crochet project bag and new Tiered Travel Case along!

If you would like to find out more about The Tiered Travel Case, or Chetnanigans™ other beautiful and practical handmade products, please visit them on Etsy or

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Chetnanigans The Tiered Travel Case Review Oombawka Design

 I would like to thank Chetnanigans™ for sending me The Tiered Travel Case for Review

For more information about Chetnanigans™ please visit their Website, Etsy Shop, Facebook or Instagram.


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  1. WOW! I have never seen anything like this nor have I ever thought of this idea. Perfect for the traveler!!!