The Crochet Crowd Christmas Challenge

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In November I learned about the Christmas Challenge being held by The Crochet Crowd – it runs from November 15, 2013 to December 31, 2013.

There are so many fabulous patterns to choose from!

I still really want to make the Crochet Jingle Bells Hanger – I finally found some jingle bells at the dollar store today!

I might not have time to make it before the deadline for the challenge but I want to make it before next Christmas for sure!

For my challenge entry, I chose to crochet the Zigzag Stocking pattern written by Linda Cyr and available for free on the Red Heart Yarns website.

The pattern was very easy to follow – and very relaxing to crochet –

I picked the grey and white yarn and let Darla and Drew choose their 2 favourite colours…-

They are very happy with their Christmas Stockings.

While these are not the traditional Christmas Colours that my husband or I are used to…they are my Littles favourite colours…and in an effort to colour coordinate…I chose some pink, purple, silver and blue ornaments to decorate our tree (the unbreakable kind!) from Bronner’s when we visited last week.

The yarn I used for these stockings was Craft Smart – because my daughter required the bright pink and purple – and it was not available in the Red Heart Yarn collection at Michaels.

You still have time to participate in the Challenge 🙂 It runs until December 31, 2013 – and three super lucky winners will be selected by a random draw for some pretty fabulous prize packs!!!

You can read more about the challenge on The Crochet Crowd’s website, see the patterns that qualify for entry and view all of the fabulous video tutorials Mikey and his Crew have developed 🙂

Happy Crocheting!



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