Top 5 Social Media Scheduling Tools for Bloggers

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I often receive requests from other Bloggers asking me what tools I use to help keep myself organized, prepare my blog posts and to share content on social media. There are a number of great tools available to help you keep on top of your blogging routine but the ones I love the most (and I use myself) can be found below.

Top 5 Social Media Scheduling Tools For Bloggers

Many of these services offer free trials – and I recommend you always try them before you buy them whenever possible. I may LOVE something and be using it all the time but it might not be the perfect tool for you – it really depends on the system(s) you are used to using.

Here are 5 options you can check out and please, feel free to let me know of other products you use – I love to find new and helpful tools!

Many of these links are affiliate links. If you click on a link and then decide to purchase, or sign-up for a paid plan (or product/service) I may receive a small commission, or discount for referring you. This is outlined in my disclosure policy.

  1. CoSchedule

CoSchedule: The Editorial Calendar For WordPress

For WordPress Post Shares I use CoSchedule – it is a fantastic tool and it allows me to schedule social media shares within my Wordpress post right when I am writing it. I can schedule shares to occur at the same time as my post goes live on the website, an hour later, the next day, the next week, the next month…or whenever I want it to happen. When I am done writing my post, my social media sharing is all set to go the moment the post goes ‘live’.

You can schedule your WordPress Posts on multiple social media accounts simultaneously – such as Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups you Admin, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc. You cannot currently schedule shares to Pinterest, or Instagram.

CoSchedule offers a 14-day Free Trial after which you have a number of plans to choose from – starting at $15.00 a month. You do not need to enter any credit-card information to access the free trial.

An added bonus available with CoSchedule is you can earn credits toward the cost of your plan – by referring other subscribers, or even by writing a review post about their product/service. You can read my full review here.  My review includes images, a video and a more detailed overview of CoSchedule. I have been using it for over a year now and I highly recommend it.

2. Viraltag

I recently decided to take the plunge and try Viraltag. You may be wondering why I would need a 2nd scheduling service…honestly, I wondered this myself and this is why I stubbornly refused to try it for SO LONG!

My time is extremely valuable to me and being a SAHM and WAHM leaves me very little wiggle room in my schedule. I needed a product which allowed me to share my posts to Instagram and Pinterest and I wanted a service which would allow me to reshare content at specific times; not just when I had the time to curate the content.

When I have an hour of free time Viraltag allows me to sit down and schedule shares and reshares of content to many social media channels simultaneously. I do not have to share the content during the 1 hour I have available – I can set it up to share at specific times during the week. This optimizes the returns on my social media shares.

There are a lot of great features available with Viraltag too – like how it is integrated with Canva. You can design your content and share it all at once. You can also upload content in bulk to schedule and share quickly. You can read my full review here. Viraltag The Best Pinterest & Instagram Marketing Platform – Review

Viraltag offers a 14-day Free Trial. No credit card is necessary to take advantage of the Free Trial. If you decide you like it – then you have 3 plans to choose from; plus the Blogger plan. If you scroll down to the end of their PRICING page you will see the option for the Blogger plan – this plan starts at $12.00/month.

Viraltag offers credits toward the cost of your plan in 2 different ways – you can write an honest review and save 60% off the Pro Plan Price and/or by referring other subscribers to their service you and your referred friend receive a credit toward the cost of the plan in your Viraltag Account.


I have been using for more than 2-years now and it is a fantastic service. You can read my initial review here: Have you heard of

There are both free and paid plans available with I recently upgraded to the Pro Plan and I am loving the new features I have unlocked. You can schedule your shares and link them directly to your blog posts (rather than through You can share simultaneously to Facebook, Facebook Pages, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ (there are other social media sites too – like Buffer, yammer,, Tumblr and even WordPress).

You can easily curate content using search terms, RSS feeds, a Bookmarklet for your Bookmark bar and suggested content based on your account categories/keywords. There are even options to share your content with a newsletter through Mailchimp. is currently not integrated with Pinterest, or Instagram.

Try the Free Plan here: No credit card is required to try the free plan.

4. Ahalogy

Ahalogy is currently a free service and it allows me to schedule and share content on Pinterest. It is super intuitive and optimizes the times your content is shared based on the research they have conducted for marketing on Pinterest. You can read the results of the 2015 Pinterest Media Consumption Study here.

I love how it allows me to schedule Pins to multiple Pinterest Boards at once. It also suggests keywords to use in your descriptions for your Pins. This helps your content be found in searches on Pinterest and when Pinterest recommends content for Pinners in your niche.

In order to try Ahalogy you need to apply for membership – by requesting an invite:

Apply for Membership to the Ahalogy Content Network!

It is important to note, when I initially applied there was a waiting list to be considered and not everyone who applies is accepted.

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is another fabulous scheduling platform. I have used the free version of Hootsuite for many years, on and off. It allows you to connect a variety of social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, WordPress and Instagram).  My free plan allows me to connect 3 social media profiles but the paid Pro Plan allows you to connect 100 (50 come with the plan; 50 more can be added with an add-on). Hootsuite does not currently have a Pinterest option.

Hootsuite does have a 30-day free trial option available for their Pro Plan .

It includes:

  • 50 social media profiles
  • the ability to schedule 350 posts at a time
  • enhanced security
  • 1 enhanced analytics report
  • 1 team member
  • enhanced app integrations
  • 30-day access to Hootsuite University

The Pro Plan currently starts at $8.99/month.

I would love to hear what plans you use to schedule your social media shares – so please feel free to tell me in the comments!

I hope you found this post helpful and feel free to ask me blogging questions – I’d be happy to try to help where I can 🙂


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  1. Hi Rhondda, these tools are really nice. is another social media scheduling, marketing and analytics for Pinterest social network used by thousands of individuals and brands around the world.