The BIG Book of Little Amigurumi – Review

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Title: The Big Book of Little Amigurumi
Author: Ana Paula Rimoli
Publisher: Martingale
Photographer: Brent Kane
ISBN: 978-1-60468-581-7

Filled with 72 seriously cute patterns to crochet, The Big Book of Little Amigurumi is a must have for amigurumi lovers!

This book is huge!

172 pages filled with inspiration!

Big Book OF Little Amigurumi Reviewed @OombawkaDesign

I have fallen in love with the Baby Hedgehog and Her Mommy!

Baby Hedgehog and Her Mommy @OombawkaDesign

The Happy Eggs are adorable too!

Happy Eggs @OombawkaDesign

I wish I had the pattern for the Stroller Toys when my children were babies!

Stroller Toys @OombawkaDesign


and the Rattles! They will make fantastic baby gifts!

Rattles @OombawkaDesign

Then there is Oli’s Baby – Darla has fallen in love with this one!

Olis Baby @OombawkaDesign

She loves how the diaper can be removed!

The Shy Little Unicorn is so adorable!

Shy Little Unicorn @OombawkaDesign

Each pattern indicates the finished sizes of each of the little amigurumis you can make.

You will also see a Materials section which will outline the type of yarn and the size of the hooks used to create the amigurumi, as well as, the size of safety eyes you need. If you need felt or additional items like pipe cleaners to complete the project they will also be included in this section.

With 72 patterns to choose from you really cannot go wrong!


You will be able to find the perfect amigurumi to crochet for your children and grandchildren.

The instructions are clearly written and directions are included for each stitch you need to make.

There is also a section to help with the stitches you need to make for the faces – including satin stitch noses and eyes.

Which one is your favourite!

Can you pick just one?

I couldn’t!!

You can purchase your own copy of The Big Book of Little Amigurumi directly from Martingale:

Shop Martingale

or you can purchase a copy from Amazon.

Amazon – Canada

Amazon – USA


A special thanks to Martingale for providing me with a review copy of this book!

All images used with permission from Martingale and their Photographer Brent Kane.

For more information about Martingale – visit their Website, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter !


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  1. I’m sorry you have trouble with amigurumi 🙁 Let me know if you have questions in future and maybe I can assist you 🙂

  2. Hi Lori, Thank you for reading my review of The BIG Book of Little Amigurumi 🙂 It does have a great selection of amigurumis doesn’t it? I love it too!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! thought I loved the Happy Amigurumi book in another Posting of yours!! BUT this book tops my Wishy List now!! AWESOME!!! Love soooo many of the projects…I may have to try just about ALL of them!! thank you for bringing this Book to my Attention!! Wooohooo!!! giggle toooooo fun!


  5. I have been crocheting since I was 10 and now I’m 53 and made so many things, I have wanted to try Amigurami and have several times, but I just can’t work it out and become frustrated, I love mermaids and so much want to crochet one ( my nickname is mermie) but I don’t know what is happening, it beats me everytime, I just can’t get the hang of it 🙁

  6. I just started doing amigurumis and find this book a total must, I want it! But I wonder if the title is because the amigurumis are all small…

  7. “The instructions are clearly written and directions are included for each stitch you need to make.” – That says it all! Thanks for the beautiful pictures and comments.

  8. “The instructions are clearly written and directions are included for each stitch you need to make.” – That says it all! Thanks for the beautiful pictures and comments.

  9. This really a “cute” book. I do have a favourite: Those peas in a pod. Adorable 🙂

  10. These are so cute. Are there any owls? I have a new granddaughter coming and her momma loves owls.

  11. This book looks amazing. As if I need another toy to make. The variety seems endless. Thanks for the preview.

  12. I think those Happy Eggs are the cutest thing I have ever seen! If I had all the time in the world, I would crochet and decorate them with embroidery instead of having plastic or hard-boiled eggs at easter time!

  13. The critters in this book are so cute. I have been trying to find a really cute frog pattern, and I may just have to get a copy of this so I can make the one in here. Plus, there are several other critters that look like they would be fun to make too.

  14. Oh my goodness! What little one wouldn’t love those? Seriously. They’re almost too cute for words. I just added the book to my Amazon wish list. Now, to hint to the hubster. 🙂

  15. The little hedgehogs and penguins are my favorite! I may have to attempt them.

  16. I have been wondering how to actually pronounce the word amurigurmi. I have only ever seen the word, but have never actually heard anyone pronounce it. In my head I pronounce it like…ameer-a-gurmi. I hope that’s right. Lol this book makes these look so easy. Thanks!

  17. I’m currently working on a blanket for my baby due in September, but I’d love to sit down and learn amigurumi so I can make her some toys.

  18. LOVE crocheting the little animals and such for the grandchildren . They love it!!!

  19. My grandson loves the animals I make. Kids say the darnest things!!!

  20. This book is going on my wish list… everyone in my family will know. Love them all, so many cute projects, would make great gifts!! Lovely!!!

  21. *sigh* Amigurami are SO seriously cute. I just wish I wasn’t such a miserable failure at it. 🙁

    I bought all this stuffing, and safety eyes, etc, then discovered that I can’t do amigurami to save my life. My stuff looks so ridiculous compared to the originals. 🙁