The 3rd Loop in my Single Crochet Patterns

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Some of my patterns will refer to the third loop – when you are using single crochet.

Working into this loop gives your crochet project a bit of a ‘knit look’.

Here are some photos to help you find this loop!

The 3rd Loop in SC @OombawkaDesign The 3rd Loop in SC @OombawkaDesignThe 3rd Loop in SC @OombawkaDesign

It can be a bit difficult at first to get used to working into this loop but once you start it becomes much easier 🙂

A trick I use to work into this loop is to hook it with the edge of the crochet hook (rather than trying to slide the point of the hook under) and then I slide the hook under the loop to complete my stitch.

Patterns that use this stitch include:

Darla’s Easy On Mittens

Drew’s Easy On Mittens

Not Knit Warm and Quick Winter Cowl (coming soon!)


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  1. Hi Jan’t, I’m not sure what you mean by the AJ? If you can give me a little more information on that shortform I’d appreciate it. Thank you! Rhondda

  2. The easy on mittens came out well but I don’t know how to make the AJ

  3. Thank you Sharon 🙂 I actually picked mine up at Michaels and I believe it was less than $5.00 if I am not mistaken – It is a Boye Jumbo Plastic Crochet Hook US S/19mm. They had a wood 25 mm one too and I couldn’t believe the size of it! Have a lovely week! Rhondda

  4. very pretty cowl! Excited about making it but i have to go and find an S hook. Never seen one, so wish me luck!