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  1. Hello, last year I bought a pattern to make a turkey hat and I can’t find it

  2. I would love to get the pattern for the white blanket that asks you to sign up for this newsletter, but nothing seems to lead me to it.

  3. Couldn’t figure out where to review for Pokemon extra entry…PICHU and EVEE. My daughter is still into Pokemon and was born in 1978🥴

  4. Hi Karen, The instructions to seam and close the hat are included in the post 🙂 When you visit the post link scroll to the end and read the “Finishing Instructions for All Hat Sizes”. It gives you the instructions plus links to the whipstitch seam demo and the closing the top of the hat demo videos. Best wishes, Rhondda

  5. I finished the 2021 back to basics hat, now I need your instructions on how to close up the top. Thanks.

  6. Thank you Dawn 🙂 Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too! At the bottom of every newsletter there is an update your subscription preferences link so if you ever need to pause, or decide you want to receive a different newsletters that I offer you can update it 🙂 I totally understand about emails being overwhelming (my inbox is a nightmare). Best wishes! Rhondda

  7. Thank you I love what I have seen so far & hope to have time to see more.
    Have a great Christmas & New Year.
    Thank you Dawn