The BIG Tapestry Crochet Post – Free Patterns, Tutorials and Tools!

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Something I’ve always wanted to try and I haven’t gotten around to yet is crocheting a Wayuu Mochila Bag (Tapestry Crochet Bag).

I thought you might want to try this fantastic technique to create something beautiful and unique this year too so I have gathered a bunch of free patterns that are available online for Tapestry Crochet. Included in this post are more than 40 different free pattern links to projects worked in tapestry crochet. You will find free patterns for small projects like dishcloths, mug cozies, and phone cozies that are perfect for beginner tapestry crocheters, larger projects like tapestry crochet baskets and beautiful tapestry crochet bags and even more complex projects like tapestry crochet slippers!

I’ve also linked to some of the very best Tapestry Crochet Tutorials I could find, to get you crocheting like a pro with this new technique. I’ve given you 10 different tutorials to choose from including photo tutorials for tapestry crochet and video tutorials. You will find tutorials explaining how to use more than one color of yarn too!

For those of you who are ready to make your own graphs and charts, I’ve included links to my favorite FREE printable graph paper sources.

If you are ready to make something using free online crochet software instead (to design your charts and graphs) I’ve included my top 5 (mostly free!) crochet charting software sites.

I hope you love this collection 🙂  I’ve filled it with my favorite Tapestry Crochet Patterns, Tutorial Links, Tips, Tricks and Tools – the ones which I have been saving to read and use myself!

*Note* Wayuu Crochet is always worked in the back loop only!

The BIG Tapestry Crochet Post OombawkaDesignCrochet

All patterns were free at the time they were added to the post.

If you visit a link and it has become a “for sale” pattern, please let me know so I can update it! Thank you!

40 Free Tapestry Crochet Patterns

1  Mochila Rayas by Amanda Julien

Hearts Around Cowl by Alessandra Hayden at Red Heart

Pineapples Mug Cozy by Divine Debris

4  Triangles Beanie by Marie Segares

5  Capulin Cross Body Bag by Tamara Kelly

8″ Tapestry Snowflake Afghan Square by Divine Debris

7  TARDIS Pencil Bag by Erica Dietz

Neva Mittens by Bethany Dearden

Chinook Toque by Bethany Dearden

10  Tapestry Cosmetic Bag by Fil Katia

The BIG Tapestry Crochet Post an Oombawka Design Collection of Free Patterns, Tutorials, Graphs, Charts, Tips and Tools

11  Zigzag Colors Bag by Sara Mahmoud

12  Nya Mosaic Blanket by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk

13 Tapestry Circles Pillow by Tatsiana Kupryianchyk

14  Navajo Blanket Shrug by Jess Coppom

15  Shamrock Phone Cozy by Kinga Erdem

16  Ethnic Bag – Lanas y Ovillos

17 Wayuu Bag – Lanas y Ovillos


18  Tapestry Crochet Coin Purse by Poppy & Bliss (Michelle Robinson)

19 Pink Ribbon Tapestry Bag by Naztazia

20   Foxy Fingerless Gloves by ChiWei Ranck

More Beautiful Free Tapestry Crochet Patterns

21 Tapestry Purse by Anna Nikipirowicz

22 Folk Dance by DROPS design 

23 Acapulco by DROPS design

24 Carried Away by DROPS design

25 Cancún by DROPS design

26 Pink Maze Mittens by DROPS design

27 Pink Maze Hat by DROPS design

28 Pink Maze Neck Warmer by DROPS designs

29 Maia Basket by DROPS design

30 Rock Them Socks by DROPS design

31 Inti by DROPS design

32 Colorful Winter by DROPS design

33 Color Of Winter Skirt by DROPS design

34 Maya Purse by Fabienne Chabrolin

35 Egyptian Star Flower Stool by Nerissa Muijs

36 Aztec Crochet Dishcloth by Kalurah Hudson

37 A Perrrrfectly Wonderful Kitty Bag by Carol Ventura

38 Bazar by DROPS design

39 Hush Hush by DROPS design

40 Nocturnal Creatures Bag by Jenn Palmer

7 Free Printable Crochet Graph Paper Options

Great for Tapestry Crochet Projects

1 Tapestry Crochet Graph Paper for Working in Rounds – Right Handed (scroll to the bottom of the page)

Tapestry Crochet Graph Paper for Working in Rounds – LEFT Handed (scroll to the bottom of the page)

3 Tapestry Crochet Graph Paper for Working in Rows – back and forth (scroll to the bottom of the page)

4 Graph Paper (5 grids per inch to 16 grids per inch, 18 grids per inch and 20 grids per inch). 

5 Circular Hex Patterns, Circular Grid Patterns, Polar Graph Paper and Spider Graph Patterns

6 Knitting Graph Paper

7 Perler Bead Graph Paper (Circular, Square (multiple sizes), Hexagon and Stars)

5 FREE Online Crochet Software Options

To Create Your Own Crochet Graphs and Charts

1 Stitchworks

this tutorial shows you how to make your tapestry crochet graph paper: Part 1 and Part 2 – just be sure you visit the new link for Stitchworks – the one in the video is no longer available


Graph Paper Generator based on your Pattern Gauge

4 Easybead

this tutorial shows you how to use Easybead to make Tapestry Paper and Patterns

5 Kandi Patterns Bead Designer (this is super fun!)

11 Tapestry Crochet Tutorials

These tutorials will help you master tapestry crochet. Try a simple coaster first with #1.

Make a Cool Coaster in This Tapestry Crochet Tutorial
from: Craftsy

Make a Cool Coaster in This Free Tapestry Crochet Tutorial


The next 2 tutorials are available as videos from chabepatterns. They walk you through the basics first in the Tapestry Crochet Getting Started video and then when you watch #3 you will learn how to work with more than 2 colors at a time!

2 Tapestry Crochet – Getting Started

3 Tapestry Crochet Basics – How to work with more than 2 colors

4 Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Tapestry Crochet

5 Tapestry Crochet Basics

How to Do Tapestry Crochet

7 How to Crochet Tapestry Crochet the Easy Way

8 Tapestry Crochet for Beginners

9 Tapestry Crochet – Tips, Trends and How To

10 Tapestry Crochet with Carol Ventura

11 Tapestry Crochet Basics for Beginners

6 Tapestry Crochet Books

If you love Tapestry Crochet you may want to invest in some of these fabulous books! You can read my reviews for 1-3 at the links below and check out the excerpted pattern!

1 Modern Tapestry Crochet

2 Learn to Tapestry Crochet

3 Crochetterie (includes an excerpt pattern)

4 Tapestry Crochet and More: A Handbook of Crochet Techniques and Patterns

5 More Tapestry Crochet

6 Bead and Felted Tapestry Crochet

3 Brilliant Tapestry Crochet Patterns

for Sale on Etsy

After you’ve practiced you  might want to try these!

1 Crochet Pattern Mochila Bag with Flowers from Leafs Creations on Etsy

2 Tapestry Crochet Pillow Pattern from PoppyandBliss on Etsy

Tapestry Crochet Cushion Pattern PoppyandBliss

3 Mochila Bag Pattern from FrisianKnitting on Etsy

Pattern Mochila Bag FrisianKnitting

5 Helpful Tapestry Crochet Tools

1 Mochila Style Bag Blank Graph Paper Set

2 Single Bobbin Holder

3 Dual Bobbin Holder

4  Handmade Wooden Yarn Bobbin Holders

5 4 Bobbin Holder Carousel

Thanks for reading and saving this post for later!

The BIG Tapestry Crochet Post OombawkaDesignCrochet PIN

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  1. Hi MochillaMomma, so is the only difference that Mochilla Bags is always worked in the back loop only? Or are there more differences? Thank you for confirming this 🙂 I’ve added a note to the post regarding the technique always being worked in the back loop. All the best, Rhondda

  2. Wayuu Mochila bags are always stitched in the back loop only, it’s similar to tapestry crochet in that it has carry threads/yarns, but it’s not the same and including it while mentioning Wayuu Mochila will confuse beginners.

  3. Thank you for all this effort. I had not even heard of tapestry crochet till your post. I am eagerly looking forward to trying one of these cute projects. 😀