Tales of Daring Dogs – Amazing Dogs – Book Review

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DK Readers: L2 Amazing Dogs Book Review

Title: Amazing Dogs
Published By: Dorling Kindersley, July 12, 2016
Author: Laura Buller
ISBN: 9781465445957
Ages: 5 to 7 years

Amazing Dogs

Amazing Dogs is a Level 2, DK Reader. Amazing Dogs begins by introducing your young reader to dogs – what they are (mammals), how they differ (sizes and breeds), how they grow (puppies to adults) and how they exercise and play.

Next your young reader will learn how dogs use their super senses to help people and what amazing jobs they can have. Each amazing dog job is explained and photographs of real dogs doing these jobs are included. At the very end there is an important quiz your young reader can take to show you what they have learned from Amazing Dogs.

DK Readers Level 2 Amazing Dogs Book Review

DK Readers also include a table of Contents at the beginning and a Glossary of terms and an Index at the end of the book. Any words included in the Glossary are printed in bold font – this allows young readers to flip to the Glossary to learn more about the word.

Each page is filled with easy to read, clear text and color photographs.

DK Readers Level 2 Amazing Dogs Book Review 2

The color photographs help young readers by giving them visual clues about what the new words they are encountering on the page are and this helps them build their vocabulary and their confidence.

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DK Readers Level 2 Amazing Dogs Book Review 3

My children love DK Readers because they are able to explore real-life ideas (non fiction) on a child-sized scale. With Leveled Readers they are able to read with support and then on their own and to each other. It builds their confidence and self-esteem and their knowledge of the world around them.

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Deborah Lock, Managing Editor for DKfindout! has written a fantastic article about the New DK Readers and you can read it right here: Supporting Your Child’s Reading Development With the New DK Readers

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  1. This sounds like a great book. Fun for both the parent and child. And the discussions that build from reading this book are endless!

  2. We are a dog family here so LOVE your review of this wonderful book. It is important for children to learn early just how awesome dogs are and how helpful they are to humans as well. Lovely review for a lovely book!!

  3. Just love the DK books for informative facts and tidbits. Super glad they made leveled readers! Thanks for the reviews, and I will be keeping an eye out for these books for my little one.

  4. These dogs are or heroes they work for fun and pleasure. Dos are our best friends.

  5. I am so pleased to see books like this that let the younger generations know just how valuable a dog’s life is. I believe it is books and information like this being available to youngsters that will help curb animal abuse.

    KUDOS: on the great way you reviewed this book by the way. I loved reading your review.

  6. These look great with the pics they would really engage young readers and introduce them to all types of dog breeds.

  7. I love dogs – and so do my grandchildren! This book is on the birthday gift list!

  8. Looks like a great book for introducing a young child to dogs. I no longer have a dog, so my youngest grandson does not have the opportunity to play with dogs often. He is only 27 months old, but I look forward to being able to share this book with him.

  9. Tales of Daring Dogs-Amazing Dogs sounds like a wonderful book for children. I like real life examples that also teach. All animals are facinating.