Sweetheart Beaded Choker Crochet Pattern

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This easy to crochet Sweetheart Beaded Choker is adjustable.

Sweetheart Beaded Choker Necklace

It has a beaded strand for the closure which allows you to adjust the length an additional 3.5″.

The necklace is worked lengthwise using a simple repeat pattern – you can make this as long or as short as you need it to be – simply!

The pattern below is written specifically for a 20″ long necklace with an adjustable clasp length of an additional 3.5″. For a total of 23.5″ of length. This necklace length uses 32 beads – each bead is 6 mm and they are round glass beads.

Sweetheart Beaded Choker Free Crochet Pattern

Sweetheart Beaded Choker Free Pattern @OombawkaDesign

Thread: Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread, Fashion 3 (Super Fine 1)
Hook: 2.25 mm (B)
Beads: 32 blue glass round beads (6 mm)

Abbreviations: ch – chain, ch2sp – chain 2 space, shell – shell (see special stitch below), hdc – half double crochet, R- row, RS – right side (i.e. this is the ‘pretty side’)

Special Stitch: Shell (shell) – work (1hdc, ch 2, 1 hdc) into the space indicated

Helpful Tutorials:

Invisible Join

FIRST: Slide 32 beads on your thread with a bead needle (or regular needle if you have one which fits through the hole in the bead). You will work the necklace with all the beads on the strand and slide them up against your work as indicated in the instructions below. I found it easier to have them rest on a surface as I crocheted so their weight did not pull on the working strand and change my gauge.

R1: ch 4, work 1 shell (see special stitch above) in the 4th ch from the hook, ch 2, slide bead down the strand to rest against the last ch, ch 1, turn

R2: work 1 shell (see special stitch above) in the ch2sp, ch 3, turn

Shell in ch2sp Ch 3 Sweetheart Beaded Choker @OombawkaDesign

Ch 3 Sweetheart Beaded Choker @OombawkaDesign

R3: (hdc, ch 2, hdc) in the ch2sp, ch 2, slide a bead down the strand to rest against the last ch, ch 1, turn

shell in the ch2sp Ch 3 Sweetheart Beaded Choker @OombawkaDesign

Slide the bead, Ch 3 Sweetheart Beaded Choker @OombawkaDesign

Ch 1 Ch 3 Sweetheart Beaded Choker @OombawkaDesign

Bead Secure Ch 3 Sweetheart Beaded Choker @OombawkaDesign

Repeat R2 & R3 -30 times

Repeat R2 – 1 more time, do not finish off.

Adjustable Clasp

(Slide 1 bead down to rest against the last ch, ch 2) 7 times.

Finish off using an invisible join and weave in ends.

You may wish to use a dab of fabric glue to hold the end in place – I did not – but this will give it some extra security.

Sweetheart Crochet Necklace

Sweetheart Necklace


To wear this pretty choker simply slide the first bead on the adjustable clasp through the first ch2sp you created in R1. Then gently pull each bead through the same ch2sp until you reach the length (tightness) you need.

This choker is the Large size choker.

Sweetheart Beaded Choker Pattern @OombawkaDesign

Here are some recommended choker sizes – you can work the above pattern until you reach your desired length and then make the adjustable clasp as indicated above.

Choker Lengths

Child Version: 12″-14″ + 3.5 adjustable clasp

Extra Small: 14″ + 3.5″ adjustable clasp
Small: 16″ + 3.5″ adjustable clasp
Medium: 18″ + 3.5″ adjustable clasp
Large: 20″ + 3.5″ adjustable clasp (pattern written for this size)



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  1. Hi Elaine, Cotton is absorbent – so I guess she is correct about it possibly absorbing perspiration but I didn’t know it pucker, or shrink in size when it gets wet.

    I wear a lot of crocheted bracelets and beaded bracelets made with cotton threads and they have always been fine; even after swimming and going to the beach and things in the summertime. I guess it would depend though on the type of activity the jewelry is being worn for? I probably wouldn’t wear a crocheted necklace in the pool or at the beach swimming. If it was an item that was made for daily wear though I would probably wear it at the beach.

    I think the reason so many of the Crochet Designers use the cotton threads and embroidery floss threads to make the patterns is because that is what is readily available at the store. I haven’t ever tried nylon or silk so I honestly have no idea how it would stand up to daily wear, or how it would even hold crochet stitches for designs. Perhaps if the necklace was meant to be flat and included large sections of crochet between beads? or an intricate lace open stitch design it would become misshapen? I don’t really have experience with that though as most of the things I have designed are simple and meant to be wearable.

    Smaller items seem to do well at Markets because they catch the eye and are easy to carry and even to give as gifts – but only if the price is right.

    Lately I have been purchasing a lot of elastic beaded bracelets with lava stones for use with essential oils for myself and my family. I think that might be a project that does well at a Market or Craft Show – especially if they were available in smaller sizes.

    If the project you are making doesn’t take a lot of money or a lot of time to create – and can be sold for a reasonable price – I think they would do well but it really depends on the people who attend the market too. Different markets are geared toward different customers – so if this is a food market for example it might be better to have things like dishcloths and potholders.

    If it is a market in summertime / beach season – I think bracelets would do well. Winter market – headbands, hats, scarves, mitts and slippers.

    If it is the first market for you at a location I think I’d try to bring an assortment of items to see what does best – smaller items like crocheted hair clips, hairbands, bracelets, anklets – or little finger puppets for the kids – I’ve picked a couple cute dragons with googly eyes and a red felt tongue that my kids could put on a finger and play with while I shopped for $3.00 at our local town market 😉 Keeps them occupied. My daughter always wants jewelry but rarely do we find children sized bracelets – usually only geared at adults and Mom’s tend to like to get small things for their kids when they are shopping with us so a pretty bracelet would be perfect 😉 or pencil toppers that are crocheted are cute too – little flower ones… my children love the little crocheted hamsters I made for them and they are quick and simple projects – I think there are a few online free patterns available (the ones I crocheted were from a book). Unique items do well too – so for example a coffee mug cover for outside (I have a free pattern for that) so you can enjoy your coffee or tea without a bug getting into it on the deck 😉

    I hope this helps a bit. I’m sorry I don’t know much about the other types of threads – you could easily substitute it for the ones that are used in a crochet pattern if it is the same weight and see how it works up? If you do let me know how it works 🙂 Best wishes, Rhondda

  2. Rhondda: I have been wanting to make this necklace but I have a question for you. I was at a craft show recently and talked with a vendor who makes jewelry. I told her I was interested in bead crochet and want to make some bead crochet jewelry. She told me I should not use cotton thread to make necklaces because it shrinks and puckers when it gets wet from perspiration. She suggested that I use nylon or silk thread instead. If it is true that the cotton shrinks, why do so many bead crochet jewelry patterns call for cotton thread? This woman also told me she didn’t think there is much of a market for crocheted jewelry. Of course, she would tell me that because I would be viewed as direct competition to her business. I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions you might have. Thanks. Elaine

  3. What a beautiful design; exactly what I was looking for. Looking forward to more from you.

  4. Thank you! This is beautiful and so cleverly designed! Will try this!

  5. Hi Tulika, yes you may sell anything you crochet 🙂 I only ask for those who ask you for the pattern, that you do not share the pattern but instead provide the link to my site so people will visit to get the pattern themselves 🙂 Thank you, Rhondda

  6. This is beautiful! Looks like something even I could make! I’m eager to try it!!

  7. I love your beaded jewelry! It’s hard to pick a favorite pattern, but this is the one I’m going to try first!

  8. Rhondda, You have out done yourself again sweet Lady. Thank you so much for the beautiful Pattern. Love it!