Super Simple Boho Beaded Bracelet Pattern

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Happy Thursday Friends! Today I am sharing a Super Simple Boho Beaded Bracelet Pattern. It is a gray and dreary day here today and I decided to make something bright and colorful to distract myself. I wasn’t going to share this because it is so simple but I thought maybe someone else was having a ‘gray day’ too – and since it is easy and takes so little effort it is highly rewarding to make it and wear it 🙂

This took me less than 10 minutes to make and I think you will be able to whip up a couple of these for yourself or your friends to wear in less than an hour. The bracelet is very light weight and it is very easy to make larger, or smaller. You can make these as anklets or necklaces too simply by increasing the number of beads and chains you work. For every 2 inches more length you want you will need 2 additional beads and to repeat the instructions in the * to ** 2 more times.

In the tradition of good old fashioned friendship bracelets, this Boho Beaded Bracelet is worn by tying it in a simple knot at the wrist of the wearer. The two extra wrist beads on the ties are there to hold those pesky little ends down so they don’t show after you finish off the bracelet ends and they work perfectly for this purpose – with, or without a dab of glue holding the thread in place.

I think these will also be a hit with your children and at Craft Tables if you Crochet to Sell – the cost is low to make them and the time invested is short. Happy Spring! ♥ Rhondda

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Boho Bead Bracelet

Super Simple Boho Beaded Bracelet Pattern


Difficulty Level


Finished Size

approximately 11 inches before tying


is not imperative – 12 chs (4 beads) is 2 inches


US Terminology used

ch – chain
R – row/round
st/sts – stitch/stitches
* – Repeat the instructions between the asterisks the number of times indicated. This repeat will contain of multiple instructions.
[] – at the end of the row – the total number of stitches

Helpful Tutorials

Stitch Anatomy


  • When you ch 1 to secure the bead, make the chain stitch the same size as the bead. Do not make it too tightly, or the bead will not sit flat it will ‘pucker’ and stand at an angle instead.

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Super Simple Boho Bead Bracelet Pattern

Super Simple Boho Bead Bracelet Pattern Instructions

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Step 1: Using your bead needle, thread 16 beads onto the thread.

R1: Leaving a 4-inch tail of thread, ch 12. *Slide 1 bead up to rest beside the hook, ch 1 to secure the bead, ch 2**. Rep from * to ** 15 more times. Ch 10. Finish off leaving a 4-inch tail of thread. [106 ch]

Step 2: *Using your bead needle, thread 1 bead onto one of the 4-inch tails of thread from the end of R1. Slide 1 bead up onto the ch stitches themselves before tying 2 to 3 knots at the end of the chains. The final knot must be large enough to hold the bead on the chain stitches. Thread the rem tail of thread through the middle of the knot you tied, through the bead and back up to the ch sts. Finish off. You may want to add a small dot of glue to hold the ends securely under the bead and then slide the bead to cover the end.** Rep from * to ** for the second 4-inch tail of thread.

To wear your bracelet, simply tie the bracelet in place on your wrist. I tied mine loosely enough that I can still slide it on and off my hand but it does not fall off my wrist.

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  1. Hi Mary Jo, I’m not sure how well that will work as I’ve never tried crocheting with the elastic cord. It would be wonderful if it did work!

  2. Can this be done with elastic cording so the kids could slip in on and off easily?

  3. Hey,

    This bead anklet is super cute and amazing! Thank you for sharing

  4. You are very welcome 🙂 Those are pretty small ones but not quite as small as seed beads which I have trouble picking up lol I’m happy the bracelet turned out for you 🙂 and I hope your granddaughters love them!! Have a lovely week, Rhondda

  5. I was really surprised at how tiny the beads are when I received them. I ordered from the place you mentioned and got the ones you have in your link. They look so much larger in your picture. But they’re great anyway and make a fantastic bracelet that all 9 of my grandaughters will love.I’m going to see if they have the same beads in lots with the same color in each package and will make bracelets in various colors so that the dgds can wear several at a time, Thank you for the pattern!!! You do have some really great patterns.

  6. I really love this bracelet. I’m havering a hard time following the directions at the moment. I’ll try again another time. However, if you decide (or have) a video of how to do this please let me know.