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Do you ever just browse online looking at fun things you might like to have? I do – I’m an avid ‘online’ window shopper. Today I was browsing for stitch markers. Not because I need any, but because it is super fun to work with new tools and supplies. Just like when it was back to school season and I got to pick out new pencils and pens (yes I LOVE things like this!).

So today I was online window shopping and found these:

Cute Elephant knitting or crochet stitch markers - Set of 4 - Polymer Clay

Cute Elephant knitting or crochet stitch markers – Set of 4 – Polymer Clay

I think they are pretty cute! and their trunks are all up which means they offer us Good Luck! My Grandma used to collect elephants 😉

I found some other adorable polymer clay stitch markers too – here’s a peek:

Sweet Peas knitting or crochet stitch markers - set of 4 - Polymer Clay

Sweet Peas knitting or crochet stitch markers – set of 4 – Polymer Clay

Peas in a Pod! Perfect for keeping or giving to your yarn buddies! Stitch markers make great gifts. My friend Amy (The Stitchin’ Mommy) sent me some a few years ago and everytime I use them, I think of her 🙂

The next item is something I’ve loved for almost a year – one day I am going to buy them! I think these would make the most adorable stitch markers ever:

Blue Baby Narwhal Dangle Earrings

Blue Baby Narwhal Dangle Earrings

Yes, I know – they ARE earrings – but the concept is the same. Pop them in to mark your place and I have a nifty secret I will share with you below – just in case you are worried those hooks will slip out 😉

When you are searching for stitch markers for your crochet you need to make sure they are lightweight and have no pointy edges or ‘hooks’ that will catch on and get tangled in your yarn. I normally use my Clover Locking Stitch Markers because they are my favorites – but sometimes I like to use a pretty one – just for fun! I’ve tried a few varieties – some with hooks (like dangling earrings that can loop into a stitch) and others with locking earring style closures. I’ve also tried a few with the claw necklace closures.

They do not all work well for the same types of projects. The claw necklace closures work well for lighter weight yarns – I struggle to use them on worsted weight and heavier yarns (unless they have big claw closures!).

The hooked variety (like those earrings above) that just pop in – I love them because they are pretty – but for me they do not work unless the project I am working on has very tight stitches OR very thick yarn. Perhaps I am too active with my crochet but I usually find those on the floor and then I’m not a happy crocheter because I’ve lost my place.

The markers with the locking earring style closures work well but sometimes they become tangled in my yarn strand because they have a sharp edge to them – so just watch for that when you are shopping 🙂

Sometimes I just can’t resist the cuteness factor of the design and I have a trick I’m going to share with you.

I purchased a package of these locking stitch markers – they look like safety pins but wait! there is no piece in the head where it locks like a regular safety pin so these don’t catch and become tangled in your yarn!

Locking Stitch Markers - Set of 25, 50 or 100 - Choice of color

Locking Stitch Markers – Set of 25, 50 or 100 – Choice of color

So now I can remove the silly closure on the stitch marker (or earrings!) I love (if it has a closure I just can’t work with!) and I put it on one of these instead!

It also works great if you find a stitch marker you love and it is for knitting…just put it on one of these locking markers and you are good to go!

Having these has opened up a wide range of other items for me to use to make my own stitch markers; like pendents, beads and charms! If you are using the tiny little seed beads, add a small dab of Gorilla Glue or Super Glue to the locking stitch marker where you want the bead to stick,  and then slide the beads on one at a time and they will stick in place nice and snug! Watch your fingers though because that glue is permanent!

I’ve created a bundle of different oddities I have been considering to use as stitch markers, either as they are, or with my locking stitch markers from Stunning Stitch Makers and if you want to see what else I have been looking at you can 🙂 Right here:

Crochet Stitch Markers

What do you online window shop for?

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  1. Oh my gush…these are so cute!! I’ve never seen anything like these before. I also use the Clover Locking Stitch Markers after trying a couple others that came out and I’d lose them. But these…..are adorable!

  2. these markers are so adorable. I have only seen plain ones in the past. I love all the neat designs.

  3. I window shop for yarn frequently. I’ve just recently bought supplies to make some locking stitch markers. Thanks for another great review

  4. You have offered some of the best reviews I’very read. Thanks for all the time you put into them. I hope you will continue to do so.

  5. I love polymer clay anything! I also make my own stitch markers, but with beads..

  6. i window shop for yarn, way too often!
    I don’t have any cute stitch markers, I usually use the locking ones or a piece of yarn.

  7. I love this! I make my own markers, using rings, earrings, pendants and charms. Maybe I should give it a try to make it with polymer clay, aren’t they to heavy on my knitting wips?

  8. I absolutely love the elephants, so cute. I love playing with polymer clay. I used to really get into it with my kids when they were little and I could be a stay at home mom. I have not used it since I started back to work full time. Now I have the itch to go back and try it again. I love this.

  9. Love the cute designs of the stitch markers. I have never worked with polymer clay but would truly like to give this a try.

  10. I love this book! I’ve been wanting to do some Polymer Clay items & since I’m an avid crocheter always in need of stitch markers, this makes sense! The designs are just too cute!

  11. I love these! These would make the perfect gift for any crochet or knitting friends.

  12. I love special stitch markers. I have a few with a western theme and i aLso have a set with a doctor who theme. yOU can make them from charms, earrings, beads or clay.

  13. These are the cutest stitch markers every. I love the narwals the most but the peapods are cute also. makes you think outside the box when looking for some!


  15. This book gives some great ideas for making Your own Stitch markers. You can make SETS THAT are specific to the person you MAKE them for. Thank you!