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Starry Eye Scarflet

I loved making this ‘scarflet’ 🙂
It is not quite wide or thick enough to really keep you warm though – so I would use it more for a fashion accessory than anything else =D

This is a special gift I made for someone who loves to wear little scarves and brooches!

It is called Starry Eye because of the crochet stitch I used.


Skill Level:



  • 100grams of light weight worsted yarn in any color – I used a variegated yarn
  • Small amounts of medium light worsted yarn in white and yellow
  • Size 3,50 mm Hook – a 4,00 hook will also work great!
  • Yarn Needle


sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

sl st – slip stitch


Gauge: Tension/Gauge is not necessary for this project to be perfect

This project will completely depend on the type of yarn and hook you use!


Finished Size:

Approx 90 cm in length





With yarn CH 24


Row 1: Work 1 DC into 8th CH from hook.

(CH 1, 1 DC) 3 times into same ST. *SKIP next 3 CH, work 1 DC into next CH, (CH1, 1 DC) 3 times into same ST [1 shell made]. Repeat from to last 4 CH, SKIP next 3 CH, work 1 DC into last CH, turn

Row 2: CH 3, work 1 DC into the middle CH space of the first shell of the previous row, (CH1, 1 DC) 3 times into same CH space. *Work 1 DC into the middle CH space of the next shell, (CH1, 1 DC) 3 times into same CH space. Repeat from * until last ST, work 1 DC into ST, turn


Repeat row 2 for the pattern and for required length.

I made mine approx 90 cm in length 🙂




Yellow yarn

This part is made by working in continuous rounds, so you may want to use a stitch marker to keep record of your current rnd.

Make a magic ring

Rnd 1: Work 6 SC into the ring. Place a stitch marker in the last SC to designate the end of the rnd.

Rnd 2: Work 2 SC in each ST around (12 SC). MM

Rnd 3: CH3, work 2 DC into same ST, CH3, SL ST into next 2 STS. *CH3, work 2 DC into same ST, CH3, SL ST into next 2 STS. Repeat from * 3 more times.

Weave in ends and attach brooch pin at the back



I loved playing with the scarflet and flower brooch – creating different styles 😉


Happy Hooking 🙂

Joanita Theron is the Owner and Designer at the Creative Crochet Workshop. For more fun and inspiring crochet designs please visit her at one of the following links:

Facebook | Pinterest | Blog

On behalf of the Oombawka Design readers, and myself, I would like to Thank Joanita for sharing this pretty Starry Eye Scarflet free crochet pattern! You can customize this to any size using the instructions provided. This is a lightweight and lacy style scarf – perfect for cool evenings, or as a accent piece.


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  1. Hi, I was wondering what yarn was used for the scarf in the photos? It is lovely.

  2. Hi Tina, You can print or save a copy using the PrintFriendly button located at the end of the post. It will let you save a PDF or print – you can click to remove anything in it you don’t want to keep too 🙂 All the best, Rhondda

  3. Hi I wondering how I can download this pattern or have it emailed to me at it is lovely pattern. Thank you sharing this with us.

  4. I love this little Scarlett! I don’t get cold easily, so almost everything is too much for me. But I need to keep my chest warm from chill because of asthma and allergies. This looks just perfect for me! Thank you for sharing it!