Springtime Pinwheel Dishcloth – Tunisian Crochet – Guest Post

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Guest Post Contributor at Oombawka Design Nicole Cormier

Springtime Pinwheel Dishcloth

A quick dish cloth that looks more complicated than what it is. It was inspired by the pinwheel toys that I used to get in my Easter baskets as a child.


Pattern notes:

  • Pattern is made using Tunisian Entrelac crochet.
  • A regular crochet hook may be used because you will only be working on 12 stitches at a time.
  • Tutorial for how to do the Honeycomb Stitch can be found at my website.
  • One square is worked, the work is pivoted, and the next square is worked along the side edge of the square previously constructed. The last square is joined to the foundation chain of the first square to complete the pinwheel.
  • One skein of dishrag cotton makes one dishcloth, with enough leftovers for another project. Hint, hint – save your leftovers for future patterns 🙂



  • 1 skein of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton “Twists”, in Candy Sprinkles. One skein = one dishrag

  • 6.0mm regular hook or Tunisian hook

  • Darning needle

  • Stitch markers, if desired

Springtime Pinwheel Dishcloth

Springtime Pinwheel Dishcloth


First square:

Chain 12.


Working in 2nd chain from the hook, pick up 11 loops in remaining chains. 12 loops on hook. Work standard return pass: yarn over, pull through one loop, *yarn over, pull through two loops across, until one loop is left on the hook.

Pickup 12 loops

Work in Honeycomb Stitch pattern until 12 rows in total have been worked.

Springtime Pinwheel Dishcloth - Work 12 Stitches Over 12 Rows

Chain 1, work a slip stitch bind off, in pattern. Do not cut yarn.

Second square:

Eyelet Lace:

Foundation row: draw up an even number of loops on the hook. Perform a standard return pass.

Row One: (first loop on the hook is working loop and is considered the “first stitch”) *TSS two together, yarn over* across to last stitch, work as TSS.

Row Two: work even across, picking up stitches in eyelet lace holes and in vertical bars of TSS in row below. TSS in last stitch, 12 loops on hook.

Pivot work. The working loop on the hook is the first stitch. Pick up 11 more stitches in the corresponding row ends. 12 loops on hook. Work standard return pass.

Work in Eyelet Lace pattern until 12 rows in total have been worked.

Springtime Pinwheel Dishcloth - Work 12 Sts Over 12 rows

Chain 1, work a slip stitch bind off, in pattern. Do not cut yarn.

Third square:

Pivot work. Work third square as you did the second square, but in Honeycomb Stitch.

Springtime Pinwheel Dishcloth pivot pick up 12 loops down the sideFourth square:

Springtime Pinwheel Dishcloth

Pivot work. Work this square in Eyelet Lace, but join the end of each row to the first square by picking up a loop in the original foundation chain of the first square. It may be helpful to mark where you will join with stitch markers because sometimes it isn’t easy to see where each row ends, especially with a multicoloured yarn like Twist.

Return pass: yarn over, pull through two loops, repeat across to one loop left on hook.

Springtime Pinwheel Dishcloth

Cut yarn, weave in ends.

Nicole Cormier is the Owner and Designer at Tunisian Crochet Chick.  For more great patterns, tutorials and Tunisian Crochet projects,  please visit her at one of the following links:

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Or check out her profile and additional Guests Posts on the Oombawka Design Contributors Page.
On behalf of the Oombawka Design Readers and myself, I would like to Thank Nicole for her second Tunisian Crochet Project and Pattern Post! I love how this design is created by pivoting the dishcloth as you work to make it in one piece! Let me know if you try the pattern too! 

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