Spring Flower Dishcloth – Free Tunisian Crochet Pattern

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Guest Post Contributor at Oombawka Design Nicole Cormier

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Spring Flower Dishcloth

Spring Flower Dishcloth - Guest Contributor Post Nicole Cormier - Tunisian Crochet Chick

This is a bright, cheerful accent to any kitchen. Yellow is a big, big favourite this summer for home and fashion. Paired with a light blue or leaf green you can brighten up any space quickly, on a budget.

Spring Flower Dishcloth

6.0mm standard hook
6.0mm Tunisian hook
3 skeins of worsted weight cotton yarn. In this project I used Heritage Cotton by Herrschners, in bright yellow, leaf green, and light blue.

This project uses minimal amounts of each of the three colours. You will have a lot of leftovers to add to your stash.


  • The centre of the flower is worked with a regular hook as a circular granny square, until there are 48 sts (36 sts in double crochet, 12 sts in chain stitch)
  • 8 base triangles are made over six stitches, using the Tunisian hook.
  • 8 “leaves” (mitred squares) are worked over 13 stitches (6 stitches from the side of one flower petal, a stitch in the valley between petals, and 6 stitches up the side of the next petal)

Using the 6.0mm standard hook, and following the instructions provided by Crochet Concupiscence, crochet a granny circle. Follow through to the end of “Step 7”. You will have one round of “3dc, ch 1” all the way around, for a total of 48 sts.

Using the 6.0mm Tunisian hook, attach the blue yarn at any stitch (I find it easiest to start at the beginning of one of the 3dc clusters) and create 8 Tunisian entrelac base triangles, consisting of 6 stitches each, worked in Tunisian simple stitch. For instructions on how to do that, please see my Sunrise Mandala tutorial.

Using the 6.0mm Tunisian hook, attach the green yarn to any petal point, and pick up 6 stitches down the side edge of the petal, one stitch in between the two petals, and 6 stitches up the side of the next petal. 13 sts in total. Following the instructions for last month’s Mitred Dishcloth, work 8 mitred squares. Last row of mitred square: Tss3tog by inserting hook through the next two vertical bars, yarn over hook, draw through these two stitches, and then pass through the working loop on the hook. Chain 1 to make the leaf a little pointier when shaping, and then slip stitch down the side edge of the leaf to the flower petal, and proceed as before, picking up 13 sts across two petals.

Nicole Cormier is the Owner and Designer at Tunisian Crochet Chick.  For more great patterns, tutorials and Tunisian Crochet projects,  please visit her at one of the following links:

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Or check out her profile and additional Guests Posts on the Oombawka Design Contributors Page.
On behalf of the Oombawka Design Readers and myself, I would like to Thank Nicole for her third Tunisian Crochet Project and Pattern Post! This is such a bright and pretty design- simply change the colors and you could make this into a beautiful sunflower too!

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  1. Gorgeous! I tweeted and pinned it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi 🙂 I’m sorry you are having trouble with the site speed and using PrintFriendly on Oombawka Design. I need to keep the ads in order to cover the costs of hosting and the weekly newsletter – and to keep my patterns and tutorials free. I can however email the pattern to you 🙂 I have sent an email with a PDF version to you at the email linked to your comment – and I do thank you for letting me know – I appreciate the feedback. All the best, Rhondda

  3. well i tried 3 times to get the pattern via print friendly and IT DOESNT WORK! 🙁 i am not sure what is going on but this is not the first time i have had problems since you changed your website format or whatever. i know you have to advertise, but it makes the page slow to load and other weird things happen! 🙁 i used to love your page, now i have nothing but problems. i sure hope you can fix it. any other way to get this pattern? thanks and just thought you would like to know there is problems! 🙂