Spread the Love! I Like Crochet February 2015

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Spread the love with 30+ perfect patterns.


The latest issue of I Like Crochet is now available.

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Spread the love this Valentine’s day with our hand-picked collection of sweet Valentine’s Day patterns including Cozy Heart Legwarmers and Lace-Trimmed Sweetheart Cards.



Let rose tint your world with blush-coloured Dusty-Rose Fingerless Mitts and our vibrant Cherry Tart Cowl and accessorize in elegance with majestic winter wearables.

Learn how to master the spike cluster stitch and then warm up with the Wheel of Fire Shawl in our elemental shawl series feature.

Plus, explore cozy winter essentials like the Azure Bobble Headband, the Frozen Crystals Pillow, the Scraptastic Log Cabin Blanket and more.

This month’s features:

· Learn the secrets to crocheting the crossed cable stitch.
· Spread the love with 30+ patterns.
· Explore our new elemental shawl series with the Wheel of Fire shawl.
· Make some of the most downright darling baby patterns ever.

You can view February’s complete Table of Contents here to check out all the fantastic patterns and stitches!

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  1. Thank you for the post, I Like Crochet Magazine. I took a look at the contents page, and wow, there are lots of things to crochet!