Crochet Book Review – Leisure Arts Publication – Cute Little Animals by Amy Gaines

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I was recently offered the opportunity to review a Leisure Arts publication.

The ebook I chose to review is called “Cute Little Animals” by Designer Amy Gaines.

Cute Little Animals

Photo Credit: Leisure Arts (website)
Photo Credit: Leisure Arts (website)

Instead of printing the publication, I transferred the file to my Kobo Arc.  I was able to view and follow the pattern using my Arc – without incident.

I enjoyed the stories that Amy Gaines wrote for each of the amigurumi characters appearing in her book. They really added an extra dimension to the patterns – and made me want to hook some, more than others, just because of the personality of the critters.

I wanted to crochet Wesley (the easygoing pachyderm)  but he was not one of the cuties chosen by my “Littles”.

Darla chose Chaos A. Cat – whose personality actually mirrors her own – ironically enough!

Drew chose the Doggy “woof, woof”!!  – Scooter Pup –


The publication was very well organized – the “General Instructions” were located at the back of the book – after all the patterns. Pertinent information (like special stitches) was clearly indicated by a change in colour, or an outlined text box within the pattern.

The instructions were very easy to follow – and the projects were quick to complete.

You may wish to print the page(s) that have the diagrams showing the size and shape recommended for the felt cut-outs.  Otherwise the ebook format was perfect for this publication.

I only made one minor change to the Scooter Pup pattern – cutting the ears out of a vinyl fabric – rather than felt – I know my son and he is rough on toys (as most 2-year old boys are I suspect)  the felt would not have lasted very long.  He was pulling on Scooter’s ears within minutes of receiving him.


Darla and her Kitty


Drew and his Doggy
Drew making doggy noises!

I still want to make Wesley, Roscoe (Newgate) Kidd and Archibald Hiram (there is just something about that little bear that I love!).

To me, there is very good value in this publication.  Of the eight available amigurumi critters, I want to crochet five. I also like that the ebook costs less than the paper publication and is more environmentally friendly.

When browsing through the available ebooks online from Leisure Arts – I came across many I wanted to acquire – I have a love of all Darla Sims’ pattern books (I already own a few) – and I also discovered some fabulous granny square ebooks…who am I kidding I have a list of Leisure Arts publications I want to add to my library – here are just a few:

More Cute Little Animals to Crochet
Easy Crochet Critters
99 Granny Squares to Crochet
Urban Edge
Triple Play Pattern Stitches
Curvy Crochet
50 Fabulous Crochet Squares
Crochet in a Day for Baby
Tunisian Crochet Stitch Guide
Fair Isle to Crochet

I could keep going! But I will contain myself (for now)…

Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

What Leisure Arts publication is on your wish list?


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  1. Great review Rhondda, I think all the animals are cute. Your pup and cat turned out fabulous. I like the change you made with the ears. I’d make the pup as well.