10 Free Crochet Reindeer Patterns

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he countdown to Christmas is now! Get into the holiday spirit and crochet one of these free crochet reindeer patterns! Choose from reindeer toys, a pillow, reindeer ornaments, reindeer hats and antlers and be sure to pop by to check out my favorite pattern in this Reindeer Roundup, Ronald the Fat Little Reindeer! Super adorable little toy!

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10 Free Crochet Reindeer Patterns

Free Crochet Reindeer Patterns - Toys, Hats, Pillows, Ornaments, Antlers
10 Free Crochet Reindeer Patterns

With the holidays coming I thought you might like an extra round up this week 😉

1. Murray (the merry) Reindeer – Dawn Toussaint
2. Crochet Rudolph the Reindeer Hat Pattern – Sarah Zimmerman (Repeat Crafter Me)
3. Forest Stories I – (Rein)deer – Sonea Delvon
4. Ronald the Fat Little Reindeer – Anna Beckett (A Bunch of Buttons)
5. Reindeer Antler Hair Clips – Courtney Brock (Home Crafts and Cats)
6. Rudolph the Red Nose Ring Ornament – Doni Speigle
7. Rudolph Reindeer – Ana Rosa (BuddyRumi.com)
8. Santa Pillow CAL – Maggie Weldon
9. Rudolph the Reindeer – Christmas Ornament Pattern – Knots and Thoughts
10. Reindeer Ornaments – AmigurumiBB

I hope you can find some holiday inspiration here!

Now that the pumpkins are gone my Littles are getting excited about Santa and Reindeer…I almost feel like a child again myself their excitement is so contagious 🙂

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