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One of the most inspiring crochet designs I have come across in the last 5 years is Dedri Uys’, Sophie’s Universe. This design takes some time and dedication to complete because each round is unique but it is totally worth the effort because the finished blanket you create is one of Heirloom Quality.

The way Dedri has presented her design makes it beginner friendly (for adventurous beginners) because each stitch and technique is outlined completely and the pattern is written in a way that you know with certainty, exactly what she is asking you to crochet and where you need to be placing each stitch.

Sophie's Universe CAL THE BOOK by Dedri Uys



Title: Sophie’s Universe
Author: Dedri Uys
Publisher: Scheepjes
ISBN: 9789491840104
Yarn Packs: Wool Warehouse

Filled with specific instructions, helpful notes and beautiful step-by-step photo images, Sophie’s Universe is the perfect project for new crocheters’ to try because it teaches you more about crochet and crochet stitches in a single project, than you would be able to learn from working multiple projects over the course of many years.

If you truly want to expand your crochet knowledge, Sophie’s Universe will take you on a fantastic crochet journey.

When I began Sophie’s Universe in 2015, I followed along on Dedri’s blog. Being busy with my own blog and my home and family I quickly fell behind in the CAL process and put my blanket aside with all the yarn I had purchased to make it, with the intention of picking it back up again when I had time. 

When Dedri’s book came out I was thrilled because it meant I no longer had to rely on having the time to either print out each section of the CAL from the online version – or be sure I’d charged my tablet so it was ready when I was ready to crochet!  With Sophie’s Universe the book I have the ability to pick up and crochet whenever and wherever I want. It is the perfect solution for me.

I’ve realized I will be forever too busy to just ‘have time’ so I decided I would ‘make time’ to work on my Sophie’s Universe. Whether I manage to accomplish 1 single round each weekend, or more, will be left to fate but I am determined to complete my Sophie before the end of 2018.

Here’s my progress so far:

Sophies Garden progress May 14

I am ready to begin Round 61 (the final round of Part Seven).

Sophie’s Universe is available on Dedri’s blog as a Crochet Along here: Sophie’s Universe CAL 2015 and there are video tutorials available for every part, filmed by Esther Dijkstra of It’s All In a Nutshell here: Sophie’s Universe Video Tutorials. If you want your own book copy of Sophie’s Universe, you can purchase it here:

Wool Warehouse


Sophie’s Universe, the book, is a creative masterpiece. There are 216 pages in total and each page is filled with colorful images and step-by-step guidance. The whole book is written as though Dedri is speaking directly to you and guiding you on your journey. The Information Section provides details about the 3 sizes you can make, Large (5’6″ x 5’6″), Medium (4’7″ x 4’7″) or Small (3’3″ x 3’3″).

The changing of hooks sizes is addressed and suggested if bulging is occurring after Part 3 and/or Part 8.  Measurements have been provided for each blanket size (small, medium and large) at the end of Part 1. This will help you know you are on track for pattern gauge more easily.

It is important to read the Understanding the Pattern section as it explains abbreviations and the punctuation being used throughout the written pattern. Helpful notes and tips are included in white ‘speech bubbles’ within each section.

notes Sophie

Beginning on Page 13, you get one of the best Crochet Stitch References Guides I have ever seen. Each stitch is explained in step-by-step written instructions and photo tutorials. Stitches included are the slip stitch, single crochet, half-double crochet, double crochet, treble crochet, double treble crochet, triple treble crochet, post stitches (front and back), working into the front or back loop, magic ring, stitch anatomy, corners and the elusive hidden stitch, corners and counting, using stitch markers, standing stitches (standing sc, standing dc), joining at the end of a round, invisible join, slip stitch join, starting subsequent rounds, fastening off, working away yarn ends, blocking and Special Stitches.

Some of the beautiful Special Stitches you will crochet are: Cable Stitch, Crossed Double, Crab Stitch, Cluster Stitch, Treble Cluster, Long sc, Persian Stitch, Picot, Picot dc, Popcorn Stitch (and beginning popcorn stitch), Tr Bobble (and beginning tr bobble), Tr2tog Bobble, V-Stitch and Roses.

Each separate Part of Sophie’s Universe includes a ‘cover page’ which shows the 3 sizes and colorways, by round. This makes it easy to stay on task while working your chosen size of Sophie.

Part One Sophie

While I was working each Part, I moved a sticky-note to mark each section ‘cover page’ to allow me to flip back and forth easily, to check which yarn color I needed to use for any given round. In total there are 18 Parts to Sophie’s Universe and 112 Rounds.

Throughout Sophie’s Universe, Dedri has included personal photo challenges for us to participate in – and to share online with her and the other’s who are crocheting Sophie’s Universe.

Sophie Photo Challenge

You will also find a “Notes” page at the end of each Part for you to add notes to keep with the section for later review. Page 207 includes a Colours Per Round chart and a separate chart to include the specifics of the yarn you chose for your project; like Shade No., Shade name and Lot. Other sections in this form include Hook Size(s), Date project started, Total Time to Complete, Total Cost of wool/yarn and Price to Charge Customer (if required). Following this are extra blank ‘Notes’ pages you can use to add any information you wish.

I’m excited to announce you have the opportunity to win your very own signed copy of Sophie’s Universe, the book right HERE!

This giveaway is open worldwide where allowed by law.

Starts: May 14, 2017, 12:01 am ET
Ends: May 21, 2017, 11:59 pm ET

If you are not our lucky winner, you can purchase your own copy of Sophie’s Universe right here:

Wool Warehouse


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  1. Hi Verna, I’m afraid I have not yet finished it. I still intend too though and have the yarn and project set aside for my ‘free time’ – which I am struggling to find. I always thought I’d have more time once my children were both in school full-time but I feel endlessly busy. I think I will need multiple lifetimes to complete what I feel I want to do. I’m barely accomplishing what I need to do right now! I hope you are well, Wishing you the best, Rhondda

  2. Such a popular pattern, even now! I think they are beautiful projects but like you, don’t think I’d ever finish it. However, I didn’t know it came available in 3 sizes….good to know. Also, I am horrible at choosing multiple colors for one project.
    So did you ever finish your Sophie?

  3. Have fun working on your Sophie! Dedri’s tutorials are by far my favorite and the way she writes her patterns tells you exactly where you need to crochet the stitches. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment! Rhondda

  4. I’m finally getting the hang of crochet and it’s because of this pattern. Not in the way you would think. Originally, I put this pattern on my “one day” list, thinking it was too involved for a newbie hooker like me.

    Your review — specifically, the parts which discuss the “how-to” of different stitches, and the step-by-step photos — has changed my mind! I’m trying to knit/crochet down my stash of 15 large Sterilite totes of yarn and it sure seems like *one* Sophie’s Universe would really help! *grin*

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book/CAL. It’s so frustrating to see all the beautiful projects and not be quite ready for them. I’m more confident I can tackle this pattern because of your review!


  5. Thanx for the review! Seriously, I do appreciate it. I like that you have plenty of pics along with the sections. 😉

  6. I have made 2 Sophies Garden and have some whirls to begin Sophie Universe. Waiting to get the book. Really love this project

  7. I too have started Sophie’s Universe and put it aside. I’ve been waiting for the book because it is much easier to utilize than my phone and the internet.

  8. Can’t wait to one day make a Sophie’s Universe! Simply gorgeous!!

  9. I bought this book because the design and the idea of making one of these afghan for my grandbaby who is coming in April excites me. The instructions, pictures and design are beautiful and reasonably priced.

  10. I’ve tried It’s All in a Nutshell mandala, but Sophie’s looks even more beautiful, if that’s possible!!!!

  11. Ohhh, I didn’t know there is a book version of this CAL. I really love this design!!

  12. So love the look of this pattern! Can’t wait to make it!

  13. I only made one mandala, but I’m dying to try this one! I’m going to go find this book now!!!

  14. I love the design of Sophie’s Universe, but I wasn’t sure I’d be up for it, as it looks complicated. This review is reassuring!

  15. I am so pleased I bought this book. Thank you for an excellent review.

  16. Such an amazing and versatile pattern. I have a small doily made from fingering weight yarn!

  17. I recently purchased this book. After reviewing, i fell in love. Thick glossy pages, every round broke down in pictures and text. Easy to understand. Definately worth every penny.

  18. So much easier now that I have the book. Such a beautiful pattern.

  19. I have just bought a copy of this book based on your review. I hope that I can succeed with making my own.

  20. To be able to crochet like this is a genuine artistic talent. Very beautiful and a blanket like this should be a family heirloom.

  21. I love the option of purchasing the book to have it all together. One of the reasons I’ve done very few CALs is because of the slow pace. With the book I can progress at my own speed and all the pattern is in one place

  22. I love this book. I have everything to start Sofie and bought the book for all the references and pictures.

  23. I have yet to start my Sofie, but the time is aproching VERY fast!! Can’t wait!! I would love to have this book before I start, but either way, start I will!!

  24. I have the pattern and hopefully will have enough space to make it! I have quite a few WIPs in the way!

  25. I have loved this pattern since it first appeared as a crochet-along. The colors are so vibrant and the whole project is so elegant!

  26. I was considering purchasing this book and now I am going to! It helped me make up my mind. Thanks for the review.

  27. I have always wanted to pick up this book and do this when i saw the CAL I knew I would not have the time. I will buy that nook in the future and make this. Dedri is an artist, so amazing. Is your CAL done? Your progress was stunning in the picture!~

  28. Your review makes me wish I hadn’t missed the giveaway on this book. I really want to make the Sophie’s Universe and it sounds like this book would help me tremendously.

  29. Always looking for books of patterns with instructions, thanks for the great review of this book – I like the statement about being sure to read the “Understanding the Pattern section”.

  30. That’s an awesome design. Having the book would be way better than printing it all out.

  31. Wow!, its such an amazing design..a dream project for anyone who loves working with yarn!

  32. I’ve been eyeing Sophies Universe for a long time now. I’d love to get a copy of the book… it’s on my wish list as we speak. thank you for your review.

  33. I’ve had this book on my wish list for a while now. I love Dedri’s designs and I haven’t attempted a Sophie yet but I definitely will eventually! Thanks for the look inside the book.

  34. I bought this book and love it…book is beautiful and the blanket is fabulous!!!

  35. I made 10 of these blankets with the free pattern on Dedri’s website, but would still love to own this book.

  36. This is such a beautiful book. It is on my list now of books I must have. I see a beautiful boho handbag in my future. Thank you for sharing 😊

  37. I’d love to try this pattern, but I’m afraid my color choices wouldn’t work well together.

  38. I have wanted this book for sooooo long, and your review made it even more appealing!!! Thanks!!

  39. Thanks for the review. I loved doing my first Sophie’s Universe two years ago (another one is half way done), I’ve learned so much in doing it.
    I’ve been debating with myself whether or not to buy the book. I suppose I will, now 😉 .
    I have the patterns on my notebook but this is something I’ll want to do again, so a handy little book is a souvenir for the journey I already had and a help for the next one.

  40. I love Sophie Universe and I think is the must imputing project!! I have my own Sophie made step by step following each pynlucatoonna video at gig a very nice blanket that my daughter treasures! I would loe to have the book! I tried to get it while being in London last week but timin was not enough to ensure delivery to Hitek them I tried to reach Didti at Eirk to get to meet her but my daughter agenda was too tight and we did not get to meet her. We love your work as much as Didti’s
    Thanks fir the opportunity! Kindest regards from URUGUAY !

  41. Your review of Dedri’s book gives me the confidence that I can complete Sophie’s Universe. All the information given is so complete with details and pictures. I am so glad that Dedri took the time to show you exactly where each stitch goes because I think that is where most crocheters panic. Not knowing exactly where each stitch goes can sometimes cause bunching or you can wind up with extra stitches. Thanks Dedri for taking the time to spoon feed us with you details and thanks for the giveaway.

  42. Sophie’s is such a beautiful pattern and, like you, I have been unable to work on it due to life getting in the way. I think it is marvelous that a book has now been produced with all the pattern parts, tutorials and tips and hints. What you have completed so far on your Sophie is really beautiful. I am betting that you will have yours completed before 2017 is ended. Mine, on the other hand, will have to wait until I have completed my move to Ecuador and all my belongings have been delivered to my new home.

  43. Gorgeous book by Dedri Uys!! I would love to have it just to look at the beautiful photos; and no doubt it would compel me to learn a lot! I have a Sophie started- I believe I’m on round 13 – so having this book would help me to go forward more quickly!!

  44. Absolutely stunning! Someday I will be able to afford this gorgeous collection

  45. Started collecting the pieces of the CAL as they came out. It would be so incredible to have the whole thing in one place.

  46. This book looks amazing! As yes I have not been able to afford it but it is definitely going to be in my bookcase soon!❤️

  47. This book looks like it would be of great help.I would love having it in color looks a lot better than the print outs I did in black and white. can not really see the pictures very well. Great Work.

  48. Cool! I’ve never used that yarn, but it looks great, not fuzzy at all. I bought the yarn pack for the small Sophie a long time ago but have always been afraid to start…

  49. Thanks Susan 🙂 I’m using Michael’s, Loops & Threads, Impeccable yarn. I purchased it prior to the full pattern being released so if I could ‘go back in time’ I would have selected a few different colors (I’m not super happy with the light yellow) but I love Dedri’s design 🙂 Who knows one day I may make another!! Best of luck! Rhondda

  50. I love that there are tips and tricks through out the book to help. And it looks like there are so many pictures to show you how to do the stitches correctly. I too like a real book. So many of my patterns and books are electronic. I usually don’t print them. I mostly will use my tablet. But you are at the mercy of the tablet battery. 🙂 Sometimes it dies and I want to keep crocheting. So a real book would be amazing! Especially with how much there is to Sophie’s Universe. Thanks for the review and the opportunity to win a copy.

  51. Your Sophie looks great! Squeee… I would love a signed copy of the book. Thanks for the great review.

  52. The review of Sophie’s Universe was thorough. I really like that the book includes a reference section of each stitch In which each stitch is explained in step-by-step written instructions and full-color photo tutorials. I would like to add this to my library.