Soft as a Cloud One Skein Cowl

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Free Pattern

soft as a cloud cowl @OombawkaDesign

This light and soft cotton cowl is beautiful to wear.

Perfect as an accent piece to your outfit – or as a light cover for your neck under you favourite jacket.

Soft Cloud Cowl @OombawkaDesign

Soft as a Cloud One Skein Cowl

Soft as a Cloud Cowl @OombawkaDesign

Yarn: Bernat Cotton-ish by Vickie Howell (Colour: Grey T-Shirt)
Hook: 5.0 mm (H)

Finished Dimensions: 5.5 ” wide, 24 ” long (doubled)

Abbreviations: R – row, round, blsc – back loop single crochet, bldc – back loop double crochet, st – stitch, sts – stitches

Tutorials you may find helpful: 

Chainless Foundation Single Crochet
Stitch Anatomy
Invisible Join / Invisible Finish
Joining with a Single Crochet Stitch

Note: Beginning in R2 you will be working in the back loop for this entire project.

R1: Leave an 8″ tail of yarn; Foundation Single Crochet 180 times, line up the beginning and end of R1 and make sure it does not twist.

You will be working in continuous rounds. Do not slip stitch to join or chain additional stitches unless specifically indicated.

R2: (1 blsc in the first st, 1 bldc in the next st, 1 blsc in the next st) 60 times

R3: Work (1 blsc, 1 bldc, 1 blsc) in each bldc around. Skip all other stitches.

R4-R17: repeat R3, finish off and weave in ends. Use the initial 8″ tail of yarn to close the small gap left at the beginning of R1 before adding the edging below.

Edging: Now attach your yarn using a single crochet join, in any stitch that lines up with a double crochet on the unworked loop of R1.  Now you will work one ‘imitation’ round of R3 around; as an edging. Try your best to line up the stitches so it mimics the position of the other sets of stitches you worked from R3-R17.

SoftAsACloudCowl @OombawkaDesign

Both sides of this fabric are equally lovely –

Fabric 1

Fabric 2 @OombawkaDesign


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  1. Your scarf is lovely. My daughter works up in the snow fields, this would be perfect for her, guess what I will be doing. Thankyou for the free pattern.

  2. I love this scarf !! This is my favorite pattern and I can’t wait to get started on it ! Thank you

  3. I love this infinity scarf. Can’t wait to make more for my friends! Thank you for posting a GREAT free pattern!

  4. Hi Carol 🙂 You are very welcome 🙂

    Unfortunately you won’t get the same ‘look’ for the scarf if you turn at the end of the row. This stitch pattern needs to be worked in rounds/spirals or alternately you could work one row, then cut the end of the yarn and reattach it at the beginning again and then work the next row. You will have some ends to sew in this way but you will still get the same stitch as the scarf.

    Hope this helps!

    The yarn sounds beautiful!

    All the best,

  5. I have a beautiful Malabrigo silk/merino wool blend yarn that I’d like to use – but don’t want an infinity scarf. So I’m guessing that I would make sc/foundation the length that I’d like the scarf and turn at end of each row.?
    If that’s incorrect, please advise. I’d just like a shorter-length scarf – soft and lovely…
    I made a gift scarf with this yarn for my daughter for Christmas and absolutely fell in love with it. It’s such a dream working with this yarn.

    Thanks again for all your help to those of us working to increase our own abilities! You, Dedri and a few others are sort of like having our own private crochet coach! and it is SO appreciated!

    Blessings to you!

  6. I’m so happy you like the site and my patterns 🙂 Thank you for leaving me such a lovely comment, Rhondda

  7. Beautiful Rhondda,
    Thank you so much for all yopur beautiful patterns and extra help you so lovengly give!


  8. I am so glad I found your site. I just love you patterns. And this Soft As A Cloud is just what I have been looking for.