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This past week I finally took the plunge and decided it was time to add a custom domain to my blog. I chose to use (affiliate link) GoDaddy.

Custom Domain on Blogger
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Custom Domain on Blogger

I was worried it would be a difficult process – I’m happy to say it was actually very easy!
The tutorial was perfect for my needs and Dana made every step very clear.
It took less than ten minutes for the information to update on the system and for my new custom domain to be working.
Things you might want to know:
  • When you set up your custom domain you have the option of a public, or private domain – the private domain costs additional money (I paid an additional $9.99 USD/1 year) but it is well worth it as this type of registration protects your identity (name, address, phone number, etc.) from becoming public information as mandated by ICANN – you can search Whois for any domain address and if it is public all of your information is too (Affiliate Link: visit GoDaddy to add Private Registration)
  • Each time you make a change on the GoDaddy system, you will see the GoDaddy holding page until the new data is received and refreshed by Blogger.
  • If you forget to remove the original A “Host” record – it will confuse the system and you will receive the GoDaddy holding page intermittently (or like me, when you try to leave a comment on a blog using commentluv – your RSS feed will not be found and you will be unable to link to a post)
  • It is very important to remember to go back to Blogger after the new domain is up and running to complete the final step – otherwise if someone types the new address without the ‘www’ it will not redirect to the new custom domain address – they will receive an error message
  • if you have Google+ comments turned “ON” you will need to disable them (and LOSE them) in order to set up a custom domain – so if you are considering the custom domain option, either set up the custom domain before turning on Google+ comments, use an alternate commenting system like IntenseDebate (commentluv), or use regular blogger comments on your blog
I hope this information helps someone 🙂

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