Smithsonian Explanatorium of Nature

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Learn even more about the world around you with a close-up look at Nature in Smithsonian Explanatorium of Nature.

Title: Smithsonian Explanatorium of Nature
Published By: Dorling Kindersley, 2017
ISBN: 9781465463630
Recommended Ages: 8-12

Cover - Smithsonian Explanatorium of Nature - DK Canada Book Review - ODC

Smithsonian Explanatorium of Nature

My children are fascinated by the world around them. They love to learn and I love to feed their knowledge by offering them information in various forms. Being children of an ‘internet’ age has not decreased their love of books – in fact – I find they have a greater appreciation for books because they can take a book and explore it at length.  With the Smithsonian Explanatorium of Nature they can get close-up and personal with the world around them and everything in it.

They can learn how things work by taking a close-up detailed look at plants, invertebrates, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and habitats. They can explore the basics of life and receive an introduction to how life works – from reproduction, cell structure, DNA, evolution to classification of the species. They can take a look at microorganisms and fungi and learn how germs work. There are so many things to explore in Smithsonian Explantorium of Nature.

I love how close-up the images are in Smithsonian Explanatorium of Nature. You can see the smallest details and you can take the time to explore what would normally hidden from the human eye.

How Invertebrates Work - Smithsonian Explanatorium of Nature - DK Canada Book Review - ODC

This book is filled with detailed and clear photographs of a wide range of things – like insects eyes – you can even see the individual lenses on the eyes of a beetle or the spines on the katydid’s legs… It is like you are looking at everything with a very strong magnifying glass. The photographs invite you to explore in detail and at your leisure to see what else you can learn.

Sections included are:


Then within each section the topic address How a Specific ‘thing’ Works.

How Eagles Hunt - Smithsonian Explanatorium of Nature - DK Canada Book Review - ODC

For example in the MAMMALS Section you will find:

  • How Mammals work
  • How hair works
  • How mammal senses work
  • How mammals are born
  • How mammals feed their young
  • How mammals care for their young
  • How mammals grow up
  • How hierarchy works
  • How pack hunting works
  • How carnivores work
  • How herbivores work

How Herbivores Work - Smithsonian Explanatorium of Nature - DK Canada Book Review - ODC

and then specifics for some mammals like

  • How whales work
  • How elephants work
  • How bats work
  • How rodents work

My children both love the Smithsonian Explanatorium of Nature. With it’s bright and detailed photographs to capture your attention and the interesting facts and explanations included about each topic you will be able to spend hours exploring Nature. Get up-close and personal with the world around you and let young readers really see how things work!

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