Simple Closing Method for Hats and Mittens – Tutorial

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Have you ever had a few stitches left over and the instructions say to weave them closed? Not sure what to do? This is the tutorial you have been waiting for!

Learn how to effectively close those small openings in an almost invisible manner. This tutorial also works perfectly for amigurumi projects!

Cover Image - Simple Closing Method for Hats and Mittens

Simple Closing Method for Hats and Mittens

For our example I am showing you the top of a hat worked from the bottom up (from the forehead to the crown of the hat). If you want to see the hat pattern it is my Simple Double Crochet Slouch Hat.

Watch the video on YouTube here:

Step 1

First we need to finish off our working yarn.

We have been left with a handful of stitches in our final round that we want to close permanently to make the top of your hat.

Image 1: Tutorial: Simple Closing Method for Hats and Mittens

Step 2

Thread your yarn end onto a yarn needle. There are tons of options when it comes to yarn needles – I prefer metal to plastic personally but I think it stems from when I work on amigurumi projects. The tighter stitches I use in amigurumi tend to bend the plastic needles. The needle I am using in the project is from a Clover Pack I picked up on Amazon. I will include the link at the bottom of the post if you are curious about the needle.

Step 2 Simple Closing Method for Hats and Mittens

We are going to continue to work in rounds from the right-side of your work (Note: the pretty side, or the side you want people to see). Take your yarn needle and work it under the front loop (Note: the front loop is always the loop which is closest to you).

3 Simple Closing Method for Hats and Mittens

Pull through.

Do not pull to tighten – we will tighten it closed at the end (promise it works!). We will be skipping all the back loops because when we are done they will be hiding inside!

You will now alternate the direction you insert your yarn needle for the next stitch. Remember you only work under the front loop and this time go from the back of the loop to the front of the loop…then the next stitch you work under the front loop from the front to the back…so let’s move to Step 3 to see how it looks when you do this.

Step 3

Part 3 Simple Closing Method for Hats and Mittens

You are weaving the working yarn back and forth, under the front loop of each of the remaining stitches in your final round of your project.

Step 4


Step 3 Tutorial Simple Closing Method for Hats and Mittens

Pull on the working yarn to tighten the last row of stitches and to close the top of the hat.

Step 5

Step 4 Simple Closing Method for Hats and Mittens

Yes! It is the ta da moment! The top is closed up neatly and securely. Now we just need to hide the yarn end and weave it in securely on the inside of the hat where no one can see it 🙂

Step 6

Step 6 Simple Closing Method for Hats and Mittens

Now insert your yarn needle into the center hole and thread the entire length inside the project.

Here is how it looks when you are all done!

Finished Simple Closing Method for Hats and Mittens

You will need to work in the end securely to finish up. Make sure you work in multiple directions when you do this to increase your chance of not having the yarn wiggle out when you wash your projects or with regular wear.

When I work in my yarn ends I like to work the yarn under the loops of 5 stitches in one direction and then turn to work back across and under the same stitches with one minor but significant change – I skip the last 2 stitches I worked under and weave the yarn end under the remaining 3 stitches. Then I repeat this again on a different row.

When you become more comfortable closing the top of your projects this way you can work under 2 stitches at once – like this:

2 stitches at once Simple Closing Method for Hats and Mittens

Now as promised this is the pack of needles I use – whenever they go on sale I tend to pick up another package so I can have them in all my WIP bags!

They also have the curved style too:


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  1. Thank you Sherryl! Personally I prefer written and photo tutorials too – always have 🙂 Just easier for me to follow for some reason 🙂 Have a lovely week, Rhondda

  2. This is brilliant. Thank you! I really appreciate that your instructions are written. I honestly prefer following well written directions to watching a video. Now I’m off to follow you on social media as a thank you.

  3. THANK YOU!!! very helpful!! I almost always have those pesky little openings and didn’t know how to close them.. NOW I do! YAY!!

  4. Hi Sara, The last crochet stitch I make is the double crochet. Then I chain 1. Then I pull the loop through. I do not knot it but I honestly think by pulling it through the ch 1 it is an ‘unofficial’ knot 😉 Then I thread the yarn end on the needle and start the weaving process.

    When I do my weaving I try to pick up that extra little bump loop and include it in the weave if I can – sometimes if your use a very lightweight yarn it can be hard to get under the loop but with worsted if you can see the loop on that ch1 just make it your last loop for the weaving process before you close the top. It should help make it less visible 🙂

    All the best,

  5. When you finish you last crochet stitch, do you FO with a knot? Or do you cut the thread and just pull it through the last stitch? Hard to explain, hope you know what I mean! I love his closing method but always end up with a little loop stitching up

  6. Very useful Rhondda, I pinned it to one of my crafty boards. Thanks for sharing!