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This month our Featured Charity Knit-a-Square is being presented by Marie from Underground Crafter.  

Social media is a powerful tool – let’s use it together to get these charitable organizations the support they need!

Please read on to learn more about our Featured Charity and how we can help.

If you are unable to help personally, please share this with your friends online – you never know – you may reach someone who is able to make a difference locally! If you would like to contribute too, we encourage you to crochet the featured free pattern this month and donate it to important cause near and dear to you.  ♥ Rhondda

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I’m Marie from Underground Crafter and it’s wonderful to be visiting one of my favorite blogs to share information about a wonderful charitable organization that accepts handmade donations.

Knit a Square Featured Charity of the Month 2017 September presented by Underground Crafter at ODC


Today’s organization is ideal for all of you readers in South Africa, or for readers with an interest in supporting an international organization. Knit-a-Square helps children in South Africa by distributing handmade blankets, hats, and hand warmers to protect against the cold, as well as cuddly toys to provide comfort. Blankets are assembled from 8” (20 cm) crochet or knit squares which are distributed in high altitude areas where the weather can be extreme. For this reason, choose a pattern that that is dense with few holes and use wool, acrylic, or a wool-acrylic blend yarn. You can find several free crochet patterns for Knit-a-Square donations here.

Like all charities that accept handmade donations, Knit-a-Square has several requirements that you should follow so that your donations will be distributed without excessive cost to the organization. Specifically, there are shipping requirements to avoid customs charges that you can read about here, and finishing instructions to allow for squares to be joined into blankets that you can read about here.

I designed the Concentric Circles Granny Square specifically to meet Knit-a-Square’s requirements. It’s a simple circle-in-a-square pattern that you can make in one color, in 3 planned colors (like I did for my sample), or by changing colors every round (8 colors) to use up leftover yarn scraps from other projects.

Concentric Circles Granny Square by Underground Crafter 2

If you’re inspired, you can even make 35 squares. That’s enough for one blanket! (Knit-a-Square recommends that you do not sew the squares together, however, because sometimes there are customs charges for completed blankets.)

Marie Segares - Author - Make Money Teaching Crochet


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