Casual Cowl Free Pattern

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Welcome! I’m so happy you decided to participate in our Scarf of the Month Club this year! This month I have a Casual Cowl Free Pattern to share with you!

I have included how you can share your projects online, so we can find them too, at the end of this post! I’ve also linked to a tutorial I created to show you had to add your own project pages to Ravelry! We love it when you make project pages on Ravelry, so if you have time, please do!


Casual Cowl Free Pattern

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Casual Cowl Free Pattern

Casual Cowl Free Pattern Oombawka Design

This Cowl is super easy and relaxing to crochet – the perfect project to crochet when you want to make something but do not want a lot of stitches to count! The entire project is worked in the round and will use 1 single ball of Caron Cakes Medium Weight yarn to complete.

HappyCrochetHooks Oombawka Design


  • Yarn: Caron Cakes; 80% Acrylic/20% Wool; (7.1 oz / 200 g; 383 yds / 350 m); Medium Weight [4]. Color: Bumbleberry
  • Hook: Friendly Foxes – Susan Bates / Long / J – 5.75/6.0mm (Happy Crochet Hooks) (20% off Coupon expires March 31, 2018 -CLICK HERE)
  • Scissors, Yarn Needle, Stitch Marker (optional)

Difficulty Level


Finished Size

62 inches long (around) and 8 inches tall


not important – mine is 16 sts (worked in ch 1, sc) per 4 inches and 14 rounds (sc) in 3 inches

You can substitute any yarn and hook for this stitch pattern  – so have fun!


US Terminology used

ch – chain
ch1sp – chain 1 space
dc2tog puff stitch (all worked in one stitch)
R – row/round
rem – remaining
rep – repeat
sc – single crochet
sk – skip
sl st – slip stitch
st/sts – stitch/stitches
* – Repeat the instructions between the asterisks the number of times indicated. This repeat will contain of multiple instructions.
() – Repeat the instructions between the parentheses the number of times indicated.
[] – at the end of the row – the total number of stitches

Special Stitches

dc2tog puff stitch – this is worked all in one stitch –

*Yarn over the hook, insert the hook into the specified stitch. Yarn over and pull up 1 loop. Yarn over and pull through 2 of the loops on your hook.** Rep from * to ** 1 more time. Yarn over the hook and pull through all 3 loops on the hook.

Helpful Tutorials

Invisible Join

Stitch Anatomy

Helpful Video Tutorials

Quick Stitch Guide 

Slip Knot and Starting Chain

Single Crochet


  • This project is worked in continuous rounds – you may wish to use a stitch marker to mark your place – but as this is a casual cowl you really can just ‘eyeball’ your starting point. I used the yarn end from R1 as my ‘queue’ for the row end and counted based on this point in the cowl. I have however written out specific instructions for those of you who prefer them 🙂
  • Chain a multiple of 2
  • We will be counting the ch1 as a stitch for this project because it just makes it easier to keep track 😉

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Casual Cowl - #scarfofthemonthclub2017 April

Casual Cowl Pattern Instructions

R1: Chain 230 stitches; beg in the 2nd ch from the hook and work 1 sc in each st across. [229]

Bring the 2 ends of the R1 together to form a large loop without twisting it and continue working in rounds as follows:

R2: *1 sc in the next st, ch 1, sk 1 sc**. Rep from * to ** around to the last sc. 1 sc in the last sc. [229]

R3: *Ch 1, sk 1 sc, 1 sc in the next ch1sp**. Rep from * to ** around to the last sc. Ch 1, sk 1 sc. [229]

R4: *1 sc in the next ch1sp, ch 1, sk 1 sc**. Rep from * to ** around to the last ch1sp. 1 sc in the last ch1sp. [229]

R5: Rep R3 [229]

R6: Rep R4 [229]

R7: *Ch 1, sk 1 sc, dc2tog puff st in the next ch1sp**. Rep from * to ** around to the last sc. Ch 1, sk 1 sc. [229]

R8: *1 sc in the next ch1sp, ch 1, sk 1 dc2tog puff st**. Rep from * to ** around to the last ch1sp. 1 sc in the last ch1sp. [229]

R9-R25: Rep R3 and R4 [229]

R26: Rep R7 [229]

R27: Rep R8 [229]

R28-R31: Rep R3 and R4 [229]

R32: Rep R7 [229]

R33: Rep R8 [229]

R34: 1 sc in each sc and each ch1sp around. Finish off with an invisible join and weave in ends. [229]


Find your starting chain yarn end and use it to weave the edge together using an invisible join technique.

 Where To Share Your #SCARFOFTHEMONTHCLUB2017 Progress Online

I have put together a helpful tutorial on how to add projects to Ravelry, which you can find here.
  1. Ravelry – Create your project pages HERE
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  3. Facebook Crochet With Us CAL Group (ask questions and share here!)
  4. Share using #SCARFOFTHEMONTHCLUB2017 (so we can search online for it!)

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  1. Thank you Rhondda! That helps, I kept thinking I was missing something. I will work it as you have written it. Thanks again.

  2. Hi Carolyn, No, I usually work in continuous rounds when I use shorter stitches – so I didn’t slip stitch, I just worked that next sc directly into the next stitch. It holds the two ends of the row together and it stops us from having the slip stitch, a chain 1 and a single crochet all in one stitch (which is a bit more bulky). If you prefer to join first you can – I just prefer not to when the stitch height is shorter than a double crochet.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    All the best,

  3. 4/1/20; Hi Rhondda, I’m starting this cowl for a friend of mine, reading the directions it says: “Bring the 2 ends of the R1 together to form a large loop without twisting it and continue working in rounds as follows:” Do I not slip stitch them to join and make a circle? I consider myself an intermediate crocheter but for the life of me I’m not understanding what I am to do here. Please help?!
    Thank you for any help you can give me.

  4. Hi Brianna, I just looped it around the neck. I honestly didn’t do anything fancy with it – just wrapped it 🙂

  5. Don’t understand if I did this wrong; followed the pattern and have a large, wide circle. How exactly am I supposed to wear it to get it looking like your preview photo? I probably spent 20 minutes in the mirror twisting and puffing and folding and have no idea how to wear this thing 🙁

  6. Thank you! I purchased it from Happy Crochet Hooks – I don’t think this one is available right now. If you do see one you want though if you use my refer a friend link you can get 20% off. My link expires March 31, 2018. This is my ‘refer a friend link:

  7. Beautiful scarf and I love your crochet hook. Where’d you get it? Thank you for the pattern.