Scarf of the Month CAL 2021

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Happy 2021 Crochet Friends! This year marks our 6th Annual Scarf of the Month CAL!

We’ve invited 12 Designers to participate in this year’s Scarf of the Month CAL and as always, our posts will become available on the third Sunday of each month at 7 pm ET.

Scarf of the Month CAL 2021 - Schedule - Supplies - Free Patterns - Crochet Along

So, what is the Scarf of the Month CAL?

Our annual CAL began as a way to get our Holiday Crocheting done early each year. Scarves make great gifts and they are perfect for donating to people in need in the colder, winter months.

In order to stay on top of our annual goals and make those scarves we began sharing a new pattern each month, one from Amy (The Stitchin’ Mommy) and one from me (Rhondda).

We began inviting other Indie Designers to participate over the past few years and it has been a great success.

Somehow, we haven’t duplicated many of the stitch patterns used in the scarf patterns we’ve published (knock on wood!) so you get introduced to new crochet stitches and techniques and new Crochet Designers along the way.

Each month, 3 new scarf (and/or cowl) patterns will be released. You can pick your favorite, or make all three – this is totally up to you. By the end of the year, you will have had 36 new patterns shared with you.

All of these patterns will be available for free on our blogs and for CAL participants, a free premium PDF copy will be available for a limited time (24-hours) from our publish dates.

Sign up for your monthly notification email here.

We’ve also decided to continue with our Hat of the Month CAL this year. Get all the details for the Hat of the Month CAL here.

2021 Scarf of the Month CAL Guest Designers

January | Carolyn Calderon | The Purple Poncho
February |
Heidi Yates | Snappy Tots
March | Marie Segares | Underground Crafter
April | Joanita Theron | Creative Crochet Workshop
May | Pia Thadani | Stitches n Scraps
June |
Melanie Grobler | MandMCrochetDesigns
July | Ashley Parker | The Loopy Lamb
August |
Jessie Rayot | Jessie at Home
September | Jennifer Renaud | A Crocheted Simplicity
October | Mary Beth Temple | Hooked for Life
November | Maria Bittner| Pattern Paradise
December |
Jennifer Dickerson | Fiber Flux

2021 CAL Schedule

This chart will be updated monthly.

If I am late updating this chart, please visit the following page on my blog to find the post. It is available on the 3rd Sunday of the month after 7 pm EST. Thanks! Rhondda

Each pattern name listed will be clickable. Click on the one you need to be taken directly to the post.

2021 CAL Dates 2021 CAL SuppliesAmy’s ScarfRhondda’s ScarfGuest Designer’s Scarf
January 17January 13Equilibrium Infinity Scarf2021 Here We Go Again ScarfTunisian Rib Scarf Carolyn Calderon (The Purple Poncho)
February 21February 14On The Coast Cowl2021 Whatever Will Be Will Be ScarfCircle of Love Scarf – Heidi Yates (Snappy Tots)
March 21March 14Tidal Ridge Scarf2021 Happy to be Here Scarf (Bead Stitch Scarf)Sand Meets the Sea Scarf – Marie Segares (Underground Crafter)
April 18April 11Coffee Bean Cowl2021 Internal Chaos ScarfSnazzy Color Crochet Scarf – Joanita Theron (Creative Crochet Workshop)
May 16May 9Bonfire Infinity Scarf2021 Just Another Day ScarfCrochet Summer Scarf – Stepping Out Scarf – Pia Thadani (Stitches n’ Scraps)
June 20June 13Strawberry Patch Cowl2021 Ready or Not Scarf (Lacy Crochet Scarf)Easy Chunky Scarf – Melanie Grobler (MandMCrochetDesigns)
July 18July 11Daydreamer Cowl2021 Roll With It ScarfShifting Posts Crochet Cowl – Ashley Parker (The Loopy Lamb)
August 15August 8Allegra Cowl2021 An Old Favorite ScarfFluffy Scarf – Jessie Rayot
(Jessie at Home)
September 19September 12Oh So Denim Cowl2021 Easy Does It Textured ScarfDiagonal Ripple Scarf – Jennifer Renaud (A Crocheted Simplicity)
October 17October 10Ice Lily Scarf2021 Sweet Serenity Triangle ScarfUltramarine Scarf – Mary Beth Temple (Hooked for Life)
November 21November 14Jemma Infinity Scarf2021 Back to Basics ScarfIbiza Cowl – Maria Bittner (Pattern Paradise)
December 19December 12Celestine Cowl2021 Warmth a Winter ScarfSweet Shop Scarf – Jennifer Dickerson (Fiber Flux)

Please note, if you signed up for last year’s CAL but want to receive the emails for this year’s CAL, please sign up again using the form below as we are starting with a new list.

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If you would like to share your progress, please feel free to add your Ravelry Project Pages for each of the scarves you make!

Each pattern post will include a specific pattern link to Ravelry so you can add your own project.

Learn how to add projects to Ravelry here.


We would also love to see your projects on Instagram!

Tag us on Instagram at @thestitchinmommy and/or @oombawkadesigncrochet and use the hashtag #ScarfoftheMonth to share your progress with us.

We will also be sharing coupon codes for free PDF copies of our CAL patterns on Instagram so stay tuned!


If you’re on Facebook, check out our Crochet With Us Group and The Stitchin’ Mommy Crochet Community. You can feel free to share your progress, ask questions, and get help with the patterns from this CAL.

If you are looking for our past Scarf of the Month Club Posts, you can find those here:

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Scarf of the Month CAL 2021

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