Russian Crochet Terms and U.S. Crochet Terms

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Crochet Translation Project – U.S. Crochet Terms and Russian Crochet Terms

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Crochet Terms in Russian

Russian Crochet Terms and U.S. Crochet Terms

Crochet Translation Project

US TermRussian Term
beginначать, указывает на начало вязания
back post dcстолбик с накидом провязанный снизу
back loop onlyтолько изнаночная петля
bind off (finish off)закрыть петли друг на друга
chainвоздушная петля (ВП)
clusterстолбиков с одной вершиной
contrasting colorконтрастный цвет
cast onнабрать (петли)
double crochetстолбик с накидом (С1Н)
decreaseубавка (УБ or уб)
double treble crochetстолбик с 3 накидами
everyкаждое, каждую
increaseприбавка (ПР or приб)
front post dc
столбик с накидом провязанный сверху
half double crochetполустолбик с одним накидом (ПСН)
loop петляпетля
main colorглавный цвет
ounceбарс (ы)
place markerпоместите маркер
puff stitchпышный столбик
repeatповторять, раппорт
reverse scрачий шаг
круговой ряд, вязание по кругу – Кр.ряд
right side (RS)правая сторона – ПС
single crochetстолбик без накида


(СБН or ст. б/н)

slip stitchполустолбик без накида (СС)
space(s)пространство (интервалы)
stitch(es)петля(и), стежок
togetherпровязать вместе
treble crochetстолбик с 2 накидами
triple treble crochetстолбик с 4 накидами
wrong side (WS)левая (изнаночная) сторона – ЛС
yarn overнакид

Turn > поворот or повернуть

Begin in the 2nd stitch from the hook > начать во 2ую вторую от крючка петлю

to make a ring > замкнуть в кольцо

work even > без изменений

Thank you to Sharon, Ella, Dianne and Crafty Beats

Please remember this is a work-in-progress and if you have any suggestions, corrections or terms to add – please send me a message or leave a comment so I can update the chart!

Russian Crochet Symbols from Sharon
Russian Crochet Terms - Crochet Translation Project


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  1. This is brilliant. I have been waiting for someone who speaks/reads/writes English and Russian to start creating Russian patterns in proper USA terms to no avail. There is a killing to be made and no one seems to want it. Have you noticed, especially on Pinterest, that whatever art the Russians create it’s absolutely incredible? I actually researched why and it turns out it’s because in their country they believe it’s super important to teach the arts to children at a very early age, so they start in kindergarten and develop these amazing skills. I wish we did that around the world. Our creativity is the most important skill we have.

  2. Hi Christina, I only have the terms that I’ve shared in the post. Sorry about that! They were submitted by volunteers (since I only speak English). Best wishes, Rhondda

  3. Lou’ that was incredibly helpful! Thank you for those terms. Do you also know what the term Sand means? Thanks.

  4. Hi Sue, I’m not familiar with those abbreviations. Does the pattern have a special stitches section that they have designated a ‘special’ stitch with one of those abbreviations? I’ve cross checked against all the translations I have available on the site and those are not coming up. The translation project includes translations submitted by volunteers from around the world. I don’t have the ability to ‘translate’ terms beyond those which I have shared on the site. Best wishes, Rhondda

  5. I am crocheting a pattern that has abbreviations new to me: pattern reads:
    4 prs, 1 dec, 5 prs.
    What is prs?
    11 sbn, 1 dec, 3 sbn
    What is sbn?
    I need English translation.
    Thank you in advance,

  6. Hi Maggie, I’m afraid I don’t. If google translated it already it can sometimes mess up on the translation because it tries to find ‘real’ words for shortforms that we might use in patterns – so it gives us things like cape. Is there a photo of the rabbit that you can look at to see what it looks like is happening on that round?

  7. Hi, I’m wondering if you can help me. I have a pattern for a plush bunny rabbit which has been translated from – I think – Russian. In the part for the hind legs is requites me to ‘make a cape’ on the hook and then 8 dec. Cannot find anyone who knows what this means. Do you have any idea please?

  8. Hello ! I have done a list of some of the vocabulary
    I’m french so it is in my language but it’s easier to translate french in english ^^’
    I hope it will help (and there’s no mistake )

    russian short form translate in english – russian world – short form in french = translation in french

    Ka -Ка- Cm = anneau amigurumi – Cercle magique
    Sbn -Сбн- ms = Maille serrée
    Pr -Пр- Au = Augmentation
    Ub -Уб- Dm = Diminuer
    Vp -Вп- Mc = Maille chainette / Chaine
    PSN- ПСН – demi-bride = demi bride
    p -пп- x n rep = nombre de répétition
    Cc -Сс- m. coul. = maille coulée
    (…) * n = répéter la combinaison entre parenthèses n-ème fois

  9. I am looking at a pattern and it says “ub” mean in English? I think that is Russian. Thanks

  10. Hi Tricia, I don’t have that one in the translations that were given to me. I’m not sure what that means. Sorry!

  11. Would you kindly let me know what these words mean:

    cxema y30pa

    Many thanks,

  12. Hi, Thanks for answering my last question. I am currently working on a Russian pattern that has: пп, but I have not been able to find what this means. Any help is much appreciated!!

  13. Hi Natalie, could it be an increase? so 8 single crochet, increase, 12 single crochet, increase, 16 single crochet, increase, 12 single crochet, increase, 8 single crochet? Increase is usually ПР but perhaps they shortened it?

  14. Hi,
    I am working on a Russian Crochet pattern and in the pattern it has, for example:
    4. 8 сбн. р. 12 сбн. р. 16 сбн. р. 12 сбн. р.8 сбн.
    What does the p stand for? Thanks so much for any help!!

  15. Hi Dadra, if you purchased a pattern that was supposed to be translated already you should contact the place you purchased it from to ask about these discrepancies. Stb is used for Stabchen (German) for double crochet (dc). But the other terms are not ones I know. Usually when I see airloop it is a google translate error for a stitch. It might be better to have the untranslated version to compare the real terms and to determine what language is being used. If you are getting this from the person who designed the pattern you could message them to ask directly – they may be able to help you!

  16. Got the strawberry gnome pattern said it’s translated. But it has like sepal ? VP? Appr? Rls? Asterisk? Art? Sbn? Airloop? Stb?. No clue. Help

  17. Hi Yolanda, The only abbreviations I have are included in the post on the site. These were provided on a volunteer basis for the project. I’m afraid I can’t confirm what PRS is unless it is provided in full form (rather than the abbreviation). All the best, Rhondda

  18. Hi Rhondda,
    I’m trying to crochet Santa Claus on a string but couldn’t find the meaning of PRS in the pattern.. hope you could help me… thanks a lot

  19. Hi Mari, I don’t have anything submitted for VP for a crochet stitch in Russian. Are you certain the pattern is written in Russian?

  20. Hi Cheryl, I’m sorry the post didn’t help you. I’m afraid Russian is the most difficult to provide accurate translations for because they use a Cyrillic Alphabet and it is not an option on my keyboard to make the words searchable like the other languages. I hope you are able to figure out the pattern using another source online! Best of luck, Rhondda

  21. I am unable to find any of the abbreviations I am looking for from your posts. All of te translation options I have tried have not helped me any.

  22. if you have seen this: соединительный столбик
    in some fonts, this looks like сое[backwards б]uнumельныŭ сmолбuк
    the symbol associated with this is the cap of a column stitch. some eastern charts do not use caps on singular column stitches like western charts, and this symbol appears where column stitches are completed together (like dctog), hence translates as “combined columns”.
    in this same chart style, the symbol for a slip stitch has a cap, looking like the more universal hdc symbol.

  23. Hi Gabriella, it looks like someone has already tried to translate those or Google Translate has auto transferred the page for you – Russian languages uses a Cyrillic Script. Did the instructions include at the top abbreviations for the terms being used? Usually they provide a list of terms. Maybe you can cross check those? Best, Rhondda

  24. 3. (1 SBN, D) * 6 (18)
    4. (2 PRS, D) * 6 (24)
    5. (3 PRS, D) * 6 (30)

    Could you translate this?

    Is it
    1 sc, inc
    2 sc, inc
    3 sc, inc?

  25. Hi, I came upon your site by chance and really appreciated the knowledge you shared with us. Do you know if there such site for knitting. I do both craft and having trouble with a few chart symbols thank you

  26. Hi Paula, I only have the ones on my site currently – are you are the vpp and vp are the term used in Russian? or is that what google translated it to? the Google translation often gives us the wrong letter for the symbol and sometimes the УБ becomes yb – the УБ is actually ‘decrease’ for example sc2tog. Sometimes google also gives us vp for ПР and ПР means increase – or 2 sts in the next st. If I have been given an abbreviation it will be listed in the chart on the page in parenthesis – for example: increase прибавка (ПР or приб)

    I hope this helps a bit!

  27. Is there anywhere I can find Russian abbreviations in English? Vpp, vp, ub, yb? Or a good chart that has the general translations?

  28. Hi Sharon, I asked on my Facebook page so hopefully someone will be able to help us with the translation 🙂 here’s the link to the post on FB: Thanks! Rhondda

  29. Rhondda

    I found a crochet pattern for a sleeping elephang, however it was in russian. I translated most of but am having trouble with this phrase under designations – столбик без накида which windows translates to “column without cape”. Can you help to clear up?

    Thank you

  30. Hi, I have a teddy bear pattern with the following abbreviations.
    2vp, 6 prs, 3 p (1 Sbn, Arr)

    Also sbn, Vp

    These are written in English but I cannot find translation anywhere. I would be very grateful if you could help me. Cheers Pam

  31. I have a pattern for a doll that has the abbreviations VP, turn and also EAP but I cannot find the translation anywhere. Please help.

  32. Hi Bert, It looks like the changes to wordpress resized my image and now it is all fuzzy! I will have to see if I can find the original file in storage to readd it as I cannot type out the translated characters on my computer – I do not have a Russian Keyboard – it was submitted by a reader for us who lives in Russia. I will try to do this as soon as I can for now though you may find this helpful:

  33. Where can I find a Russian to English crochet term translation chart.

  34. Hi Aimee, I’m not familiar with that – is that the google translation? or the original term used in russian? Thanks, Rhondda

  35. Hello do you know what “PSSN=pods” is?
    I was looking at a crochet pattern for a looped baby bootie

  36. Hello, I think, 90% sure the I have the translation of Joining stitch. It may not come out right since I dont have the russian board but coea(it looks like a weird capital a). n(very straight lines)on(with a tail on the left side)ycton(with a tail on the left side)b(kind of looks like a 6)N(but backwards)k two words the first word ends with a period. I hope this is helpful with your list. I am great full for your list, kind working on it! If I find any more I will let you know.

  37. Hi Charlotte, I apologize 🙁 if it isn’t on the chart then we do not have the translation yet. Rhondda

  38. I am trying to do a crochet pattern for Suzette doll in Russian,i have the translation BUt what does PET and PSN mean when you see it in a pattern.Thanks in advance. C.Payne

  39. Hi Anna 🙂 I apologize for the delay in my response! The information above is actually an image – check on PrintFriendly to make sure the little box beside ‘remove images’ is unchecked – it might be why it isn’t saving. We were having trouble printing the characters for Russian and some of the other languages because the ‘font’ was not recognizable so it is in the image format now to make sure the characters show up. I hope this helps! You might be able to save it by right clicking with the mouse button and then ‘save image’ too 🙂 All the best, Rhondda

  40. Hi Rhondda

    I love that you’ve undertaken this Translation Project! SO desperately needed by the multitude of us uni-linguists. I have tried on several occasions to print one or the other of these pages, using both the Print Friendly icon at the bottom of the page, and the version of the same program on my desktop. Nothing happens at all using the icon on the page, but when I use the icon on my desktop, I only get the header and footer of the page. I have looked at all my settings – is it possible that it’s something with your settings?

    Thank you so much,