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Hello everyone!!

Yes, we are back again with another pattern to share with you! Our heartfelt thanks to Rhondda for letting us share our original design with you today on Oombawka Design!

This Ripple Shrug pattern is a quick and easy pattern that Kristina came up with due to a chilly work atmosphere. Tossing this shrug on while at work kept the chill off her back and shoulders and she looked good too!

One of our pattern testers also recommended this shrug to keep the shoulders warm of patients that are bedridden.

Ripple Shrug Crochet Pattern 2crochethooks


Lion Brand Cotton (vintage): 1 ball each of 3 colors

Size k hook

Yarn needle

Abbreviations:  ch – chain, dc – double crochet, dc2tog – double crochet 2 stitches together, sc – single crochet, ss – slip stitch, f/o – finish off



Ch 101 (or a multiple of 14 plus 3 that is as long as you want your shrug wide).

Row 1: 1 dc in 4th ch from hook, (4 dc, dc2tog, 4 dc, 2 dc in one twice) repeat till end, end with 2 dc in last stitch.

Row 2: ch 3, dc in same stitch. (4dc, dc2tog, 4 dc, 2 dc in next 2 stitches) repeat to end, end with 2 dc in ch from previous row.

Close up ripple shrug pattern 2crochethooks

Repeat row 2 for 11 rows in color A (13 rows in all)

Repeat row 2 for 2 rows with color B

Repeat row 2 for 6 rows with color C

Finish off.


Fold in half so you have a long thin rectangle. Sew from the edge towards the middle for 9 inches on each side to form the sleeves.


Sleeve Trim: attach color B to cuff

Row 1: sc even around (do not turn)

Row 2: *[sc,dc,sc] in first sc, ss next stitch. repeat from * around, finishing with a ss in last sc. f/o

Repeat for other cuff


Optional Body trim (per request of our pattern testers):

Attach color B at any point of center opening, sc in each sc around, join in top of first sc, ch 1 but do not turn

Row 2 – 4: sc in each sc around, joining at the top of first sc, ch 1 for next row but do not turn

Row 4: *Shell [sc, dc,sc]in first sc, ss in next ss, repeat from * around,ss into last sc and f/o.

Sew in all tails and enjoy.


Thanks for hookin’ with us today! Hope you have a sweet week!

Kristina & Millie

Kristina & Millie are the Mother & Daughter team at 2 Crochet Hooks. Visit them for more fun and imaginative crochet patterns and crafts at the following social media links:

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On behalf of the Oombawka Design Readers and myself, I’d like to thank Kristina & Millie for providing this great free pattern for a Ripple Shrug. I love how easy it is to customize to any size! I think this shrug would be a perfect gift for many people and I agree with their Tester – this shrug would be great for those who are bedridden and also those who are confined to wheelchairs, or in nursing homes. My Nana always used to get chills on her shoulders when she was older, especially with central air and air conditioning running – this would be the perfect solution and much less bulky than a full cardigan or blanket. Thank you Kristina and Millie!


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  1. The ripple pattern makes this shrug. Stripes are boring but ripples are awesome!

  2. This ripple pattern looks terrific as a bolero/jacket pattern! I haven’t made ripple patterns in anything, but I love this.
    Thanks very much for posting! 🙂