Projects: Crochet Translation Project and Crochet Bucket List Project

The Projects Page is where you will find the Crochet Translation Project and my Crochet Bucket List Project.



The Crochet Translation Project is a worldwide initiative. Volunteers submit translations for crochet terms being used in other languages. So far we have received translations for crochet terms in the following languages: Swahili, Finnish, UK, US, Afrikaans, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch and German. I accept translations on an ongoing basis so please feel free to complete as many of the terms you may know in another language using this form here: Translation Submission Project  I try to update the translation pages every few months with the new submissions.

If you find an error in any of the translations I’d appreciate if you let me know! 


The Crochet Bucket List Project is my own personal project where I crochet other Designer’s patterns that have made it on my bucket list. I love to crochet and I enjoy trying new patterns and techniques. You will find an assortment of projects I have crocheted from other patterns located here with links to the original Designer’s Patterns (both free and paid). If you have a pattern you think I’d like to crochet as part of this project please let me know!