Pretty Crochet Designs from Rebecca Velasquez

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Hi Crocheters! Today we are having a Meet and Greet with Rebecca Velasquez from RV Designs.

Read on below to learn about Rebecca and her designs before scrolling to the end of this post for a pretty selection of crochet patterns from RV Designs.

But first> Rebecca shared a pattern as a Guest Design with us! You can check out her pretty Capaldi Top pattern right here for free:

Capaldi Top Pattern - RV Designs

Capaldi Top Pattern

Capaldi is a tee style top created in 2 pieces, bottom up. It is then seamed across the shoulder and from sleeve down to hem. Tee is slightly cropped with shaping in shoulder for a less boxy look.

Find Rebecca online:


Crochet Designer Feature: RV Designs

Meet Rebecca

Question: Who are you? Tell me about yourself.

Howdy! I am Rebecca Velasquez. I design in knit and crochet. I thoroughly enjoy knitting, but crochet has my heart. I live in Houston, Texas with my Mr Wonderful, 2 dogs and a cat. We have 4 grown children, some of which come home for a while when their university is on break.

Question: How did you learn how to crochet? How long have you been crocheting?

Like so many, my grandma taught me when I was a kid. So that means I’ve been crocheting, for, well…. lets just go with “a while”. 😉

Question: Do you have any tips for new crocheters? Any guidance to make them successful at a new hobby?

Honestly, and I know this sounds so cliche, but my best advice is “Do it anyway”. Yep, your first attempt is not going to look that great and ya know what? Thats okay. Amazing, even. Do it again and again, revel in the process.

Question: What do you enjoy crocheting the most?

It’s easier to say that I’m not a fan of making blankets. I like the challenge of creating something new and once I’ve done it, I like to move on. So the time commitment for an afghan is not a great deal of fun for me.

Question: What else are you passionate about (other than crochet)?

When I’m not crocheting for work, I knit as a hobby. I also really enjoy mixed media journaling.

Question: What prompted you to start designing?

I was a pattern tester for Robyn Chachula many many years ago. It was during this time that I realized designing was an option.

Question: How long have you been designing and where do you publish your patterns?

My first “published” pattern was way back in 2006. Now, I work solely for myself. A lot of my patterns are published for free on my website: I also offer for sale .PDFs in all the usual places (you can find the links on my site); or signing up for my newsletter will deliver the latest updates to your inbox:

You can find Rebecca’s shops below:

RevelYarn Shop:


Revel Designs Shop:


Question: What drives you to create? Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I think I mentioned this before, I love the challenge of designing. When an idea hits and that spark of an idea with “I wonder if…..” It’s my favorite way to design. Inspiration is everywhere- architecture, nature, runways, target (lol), my 22 year old daughter.

Question: What do you enjoy designing the most?

I really love designing shawls and sweaters. They provide the most demand of my skill.

Question: What tips would you give to someone interested in designing and blogging?

If you want to begin a blog or try your hand at designing, start now. Don’t wait. Experience comes with experience.

Learn How to Set Up a Successful Blog

Question: What goals have you set for yourself for the future?

My future goals are to continue with my REVEL Signature line and to fulfill my dream of designing a new collection every year.

Question: Who are your favorite makers? How have they inspired you?

My favorite crochet designer is Robyn Chachula, she has a style that is all her own. When you see one of her pieces, you instantly know its hers. Not only is her work amazing, she’s a truly great person.

Question: Do you have a favorite yarn you like to use when you are crocheting? What colors and fibers do you gravitate toward when choosing your yarn?

I know its crazy, but I actually do not have a “favorite” yarn. I love Berroco’s Vintage in DK, the colors are great. I’ve recently discovered Merino 4ply by King Cole, really affordable and nice to work with. As with most all yarnie people, I love Malabrigo and MadTosh, but when I have a little extra to spend on an indy dyed yarn, I usually go with Anzula Luxury yarns.

Question: Do you have anything else you’d like to share with us?

You can find me on Instagram as @RV.designs

7 Pretty Crochet Designs from RV Designs

7 Pretty Crochet Designs from Rebecca Velasquez. Meet our featured designer, RV.Designs and check out a selection of her favorite patterns.

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7 Pretty Crochet Designs from Rebecca Velasquez. Meet our featured designer, RV.Designs and check out a selection of her favorite patterns.
Pretty Crochet Designs from Rebecca Velasquez

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Holdo Tee - Rebecca Velasquez


A quick and easy, oversized, boxy tee using Coboo, or any DK weight yarn, sizes 1-10+ (up to 80"chest). Free on my site.

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Gridlock - Rebecca Velasquez


A shawl with a beautiful grid stitch pattern with another, diagonal grid for an edging, uses 638 yds of a heavy laceweight. This is a pay only pattern, that includes diagrams.

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Shirl - Rebecca Velasquez


A summer tee using an extended single crochet linen stitch, size inclusive from 33.5 - 69.5" chest, made with Lion Brand's Coboo, a DK weight. Can be found free on my site.

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Wrap Up - Rebecca Velasquez

Wrap Up

Wrap up is a bulky weight shawl, using Lion Brand's Scarfie, or any #5 Bulky weight. Generously sized at 34” deep at center x 102” wingspan. It is free on my site.

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Bifrost - Rebecca Velasquez


Bifrost is very beginner friendly. The unique construction gives it a more difficult look than it is! Sized from 36-67" using Noro lite or any dk weight yarn. Offered free on my site

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Haystacks - Rebecca Velasquez


A very easy shawl pattern using Lion Brand's scarfy, or your favorite #5 bulky. Free on the site.

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Ahsoka - Rebecca Velasquez


Star Wars inspired, but only if you *know*. Beautiful lace top using a sport weight yarn, sizes available 32-64" chest. Free on site.

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