Portuguese Crochet Terms and English Translations

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Do you have a crochet pattern written using Portuguese Crochet Terms and you need the English Translations in order to make your project? Search our Portuguese Crochet Terms and translations below!  If you speak Portuguese and would like to help us update and include more crochet terms in our list please leave us a comment and support the Crochet Translation Project.

Portuguese Crochet Terms and English Translations

Portuguese Crochet Terms and English Translations

Thank you to Silvia for submitting these helpful translations!

Please remember this is a work-in-progress and if you have any suggestions, corrections or terms to add – please send me a message or leave a comment so I can update the chart!

U.S. Crochet TermsPortuguese Crochet Terms
back Loop (BL)aro de trás
back loop only (blo)Apenas o aro de trás
back post (BP)
back post single crochet (BPsc)
back post half double crochet (BPhdc)
back post double crochet (BPdc)
back post triple (treble) crochet (BPtr)
before (bef)Antes
beginning (beg)Começo
between (bet)Entre
chain (ch)correntinha (corr.)
chain space (ch-sp)Espaço da correntinha
cluster (CL)
continue (cont)Continuar
crochetcrochetar or Crochê
decrease (dec)diminuir (dim)
double crochet (dc)ponto alto (p.a.)
double triple (treble) crochet (dtr)ponto alto triplo (pat)
fasten off / bind off (fo / bo)Arrematar
follow / follows / following (foll)Seguinte or seguir
front loop (FL)Aro da frente
front loop only (flo)Apenas o aro da frente
front post (FP)
front post single crochet (FPsc)
front post half double crochet (FPhdc)
front post double crochet (FPdc)
front post triple (treble) crochet (FPtr)
half double crochet (hdc)meio ponto alto (m.p.a.)
increase (inc)aumentar (aum)
insert hookenfiar a agulha / inserir a agulha
join / join into ringfechar em anel ou em argola
lastanterior / ultimo ant / ou ult
loop (lp)alca / espaco
magic ring / magic circle (MR)anel / argola / Anel mágico
nextproximo (prox)
pattern (pat / patt)Padrão, Padronagem, Receita
picot (p)pico
place marker (pm)Colocar o marcador
remaining (rem)Restante or restantes
repeat reprepetir
repeat from * to * *Repetir de * a *
reverse single crochet (crab stitch)ponto caranguejo
right side (correct side) (RS)Lado do direito
right side (opposite of left)Lado direito
round (rd)carreira (Sit)/ Círculo
row (R)carreira (carr)
single crochet (sc)ponto baixo (p.b.)
skip (sk)pular
slip stitch (sl st)ponto baixissimo (pbs / p.bxmo)
space (s) sp (s)Espaço
stitch (st)ponto (pt)
stitches (st(s) or sts)Pontos
times (x)Vezes
together (tog)Junto or Juntos
triple ( or treble ) crochet (tr)ponto alto duplo (pad)
turn the workvirar / virar o trabalho
work / makefazer
wrong side (WS)Lado do avesso
yarn over / yarn over hook ( yo / yoh)Lacada
Portuguese Crochet Terms - Crochet Translation Project


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  1. The only shortforms we have are the ones that are included in parenthesis in the charts. We have some for the more common stitches:

    half double crochet (hdc) meio ponto alto (m.p.a.)
    increase (inc) aumentar (aum)
    decrease (dec) diminuir (dim)
    double crochet (dc) ponto alto (p.a.)
    double triple (treble) crochet (dtr) ponto alto triplo (pat)
    chain (ch) correntinha (corr.)
    triple ( or treble ) crochet (tr) ponto alto duplo (pad)
    slip stitch (sl st) ponto baixissimo (pbs / p.bxmo)
    single crochet (sc) ponto baixo (p.b.)
    Our translations were submitted by volunteers.
    Best wishes, Rhondda

  2. These have helped me so much in making a pattern I couldn’t find anywhere else, thank you for this info! 🙂

    Perchance, would you know what “ao” means in regards to a row? The pattern I’m using has 2 psrts in the same section: “7°ao16°Carr” and “8°ao12C°Carr” for amigurumi, and I can’t quite figure out what it means.

    Any help would be appreciated. And thank you again for all that you have already done!

  3. Hi Cathy, I apologize but I am not sure what eva is referring to in the pattern. Could it be a supply? that they are using to put into the base of the toy? Did you contact the designer? they might be able to help. The only translations I have available on my site are the ones that were submitted by volunteers. I’m afraid e.v.a was not one of the ones we’ve received for Portugueuse Crochet Terms. Best wishes, Rhondda

  4. Group of 4 crochet “Christmas” Reindeer, Snowman, Santa, tree..
    Explain.. E.V.A. = ?.. (fill and insert base of e.v.a.30)
    Followed by, 4pb, 1dim (35)
    Please explain, not sure what e.v.a. is?…
    await your response, thank you.. have a good day!!

  5. Hi. Do you have the abbreviations for translation from Portogese to English

  6. Hi Richa, I’m not 100% sure but ponto is stitch, alongado is elongated (so extended) and baixo is low. I’m wondering if this is an extended stitch? So an extended single crochet would be my best guess. Hope this helps! Rhondda

  7. Hello, I don’t see a translation for Ponto baixo alongado pba what is this??

  8. Hi Mary Kay, I apologize – I really do not know the answer to this one. If you want to try checking this site – Yarn Sub – if you type in the name of the yarn in that site field it should give you ‘substitutions’ you can use for it – I use it frequently for discontinued yarns I have in my stash when I want to find out what is similar for a project I’ve designed. Here’s the link: https://yarnsub.com/ Wishing you the best, Rhondda

  9. I have a question that’s not exactly about terms but I hope you can help. I’m wondering about Portuguese thread sizes. I’ve found some thread that I love in size 12 and that number means nothing to me. Do you know what an equivalent american size would be?

    Thank you ever so much, and thank you for this project. What a good idea this is!

    Mary Kay

  10. Hi, Hallie :)!
    I think it would be something like: chain 2, 9hdc into magic ring, slip stitch on first sc, complete round.
    Hope I helped, but I’m a little late I think ^^.

  11. Hi Hallie, I’ve posted on my FB page to see if they can help us 🙂 I’m not sure if that might be Italian? but hopefully someone will know who is able to speak/read that language! All the best, Rhondda

  12. can some help me
    I need the translation of this into English 2 coor e 9mpa no am, pbx no primerio pt)feche a volta

  13. Thanks so much! I found a chart for a simple hooded cape with Portuguese directions on Pinterest that I really want to make. Thanks to the international chart diagrams, I was able to understand by the 4th reading and your translation confirmed my guesses. I do know some Spanish, so it was a lot easier than Russian🙄

  14. Dear Rhonda,
    I am Brazillian and i could help with some terms, although Portuguese from Portugal are a bit different.
    Back loop . Aro de trás
    Back loop only . Apenas o aro de trás
    Before . Antes
    Beginning . Começo
    Between . Entre
    Chain . Correntinha
    Chain space . Espaço da correntinha
    Continue . Continuar
    Crochet . Crochê
    Follow . Seguinte or seguir
    Front loop . Aro da frente
    Front loop only . Apenas o aro da frente
    Gauge . Amostra
    Magic ring . Anel mágico
    Pattern . Padrão, Padronagem, Receita
    Place marker . Colocar o marcador
    Remaining . Restante or restantes
    Repeat from * to * . Repetir de * a *
    Right side . Lado do direito
    Right side (opposite of left) . Lado direito
    Round . Carreira or Círculo
    Space . Espaço
    Stitches . Pontos
    Times ( x) . Vezes
    Together . Junto or Juntos
    Wrong side . Lado do avesso
    Best regards

  15. Answer to Dawn.
    Perhaps this video could help you.
    p.a. means ponto alto or double crochet. / p.b. means ponto baixo, or single crochet./ aum. means aumento or increase.
    Porta Ovos means a place where you put the eggs.

    Best regards,

  16. Hi Dawn, I only have the terms available on the page I’m afraid. They have been submitted by volunteers. You could ask on my Facebook page if there were a few terms you were unsure of? There are quite a number of readers there who speak other languages and could offer to volunteer some suggestions for us – you can do a “post to page” and they can lend a hand for those terms if you have access to it. All the best, Rhondda

  17. Hello Rhondda, I am in Australia and have found a pattern in Portuguese (I think) and would very much like to know if there would be one in English. It is called Galinha de Croche Porta Ovos – Aprendendo Croche. That translated to Learning Crochet Croche Port of Chickens…I tried the Google translate but there are still a few strange words appearing such as p.a. : p.b. : aum : etc etc. Are you able to help me in any way please. Cheers Dawn