PIN of the week – Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookies

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I saw these Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookies on Pinterest a while back and I asked my husband to get the ingredients when he was at the grocery store (…yes…my husband does the grocery shopping! Thank you honey!).
The recipe is from Joan of Chocolate, Chocolate and more.  It is very easy to follow – I put the pretzels in a ziplock bag and crushed them that way.  It was mess free 🙂
In my house, warm cookies, fresh from the oven are yearned for – these were good straight out of the oven; although the pretzels were ‘chewy’ rather than ‘crunchy’ at that stage.  I enjoyed them much better after they had had a chance to cool.
Here is the pinterest pin (in case you want to give them a go!).
I finally had the opportunity to make them – and we were very pleased by the final result!
Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookies
I baked these in the top portion of our ‘double oven’ at 375 degrees.  They took 9.5 minutes to bake.
The texture of the cookies was firm but still ‘soft’ – not the crunchy kind of cookies (we do not like the crunchy kind of cookies very much in our house!).
They were sweet and salty (a combination I love) – I will be making these again.
I encourage you to visit Joan’s website if you like cookies too 🙂 I saw a number of other recipes I would like to try out when I was browsing (while my cookies were baking).

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