10 Stunning Flower Necklace Crochet Patterns. Crochet Roundup.

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Perfectly Stunning Flower Necklace Crochet Patterns. This crochet roundup was created for the category Flowers.  This collection was created using the Ravelry Pattern Search and the following criteria:

crochet, necklace, most queued, purchase online and this week’s category – flowers

This collection was created on September 16, 2013
These lovely designs are perfect warm weather crochet projects. Small and easy to transport and beautiful to wear. Which of these lovely patterns is your favorite? I adore the Rose Garden Necklace and Yellow Bell Flowers and Tiny Green Leaves projects.

10 Stunning Flower Necklace Crochet Patterns. Crochet Roundup.

1. Rose Garden Necklace by Tanya Beliak
2. Shimmering Thread Necklaces by Stephanie Ryan

3. Hemp Flowers Necklace by Norah Gaughan
4. Necklace or Bracelet: Yellow Bell Flowers and Tiny Green Leaves by Tanya Beliak
5. Petal Pendant Necklace by Rachel Geller
6. Frou Frou by Ellene Warren
7. Bohemian Flowers Crochet flowers by Dulcinae
8. Crochet Flower Choker by Chrystaldesign
9. Forget Me Not Necklace by Abby McGinnis
10. Lace Choker with Flower Motif by Chrystaldesign

I love jewelry – and I am always curious to see what lovely crocheted jewelry is available – these are the top ten for the categories above and they are each stunning!

I hope you love these designs!

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