The Original Not ANOTHER Owl Hat!

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Not Another Owl Hat Toddler Free Pattern


For the original Not Another Owl Hat Pattern version please see the post below:
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© 2013, Oombawka Design
Size:  Toddler (19 inches circumference/7.5 inches height)
Tension:  11 stitches and 9 rows = 4 inches
Hooks:  Size 6.50 mm  (U.S. K/10.5) and 5.0 mm (U.S. H/8) (or size needed to obtain correct tension)
Materials: (the hat is crocheted using two strands of Red Heart Soft Yarn)
Red Heart Soft Yarn  [4] – Medium  (5oz/141g) (256y/234m) Colours: Turquoise [MC] (main hat and ties), Chocolate [CC] (main hat, eyes and ties)  and Teal (eyelid and ties)
Red Heart Supersaver Yarn [4] – Medium (7oz/198g) (approx. 364y/333m) Colours: black (eyes), white (eyes)
Patons Astra [3] Light (1.75 oz/50g) (161y/147m) Colour: Hot Orange (beak)
Stitch Markers, Yarn Needle, Measuring Tape and Scissors
MC-main colour, CC-contrast colour, ch-chain,  ss-slip stitch, hdc-half double crochet, sc-single crochet, hdc2tog -half double crochet two together, st-stitch, sts-stitches, x-times, FO-finish off, AL- adjustable loop, blo-back loop only

Hat (using 2-strands of MC) and size 6.50 mm hook
Round 1: AL,  8 hdc into the AL [8]
Round 2: 2 hdc in each st around [16]
Round 3:  (1 hdc in first st, 2 hdc in next st)  8x [24]
Round 4:  (1 hdc in first  2 sts, 2 hdc in next st) 8x [32]
Round 5:  (1 hdc in first 3 sts 2 hdc in next st) 8x [40]
Round 6: (1 hdc in first 4 sts, 2 hdc in next st) 8x [48]
Round 7: 1 hdc in each st around [48]
Round 8: 1 hdc in each st around [48]
Round 9:  1 hdc in the first 45 sts, 1 sc in each of the next 2 sts, 1 ss in last st, FO, weave in ends [48]
Round 10:  *Using 2-strands CC*  1 hdc in each st around [48]
Rounds 11-17: 1 hdc in each st around [48]
(do not finish off!)
Earflaps (this is a continuation of the hat but worked in rows)
Rows 1-3: 1 hdc in each of the next 8 sts, ch 1, turn [8]
Row 4: hdc2tog, 1 hdc in each of the next 4 sts, hdc2tog, ch 1, turn [6]
Row 5: hdc2tog, 1 hdc in each of the next 2 sts, hdc2tog, ch1, turn [4]
Row 6: hdc2tog, ch 2, hdc2tog, FO [4]
Keeping the top of the hat facing you, count  left 13 sts from the earflap (where it attaches to the hat).  Attach your yarn to the  13 st, and beginning in the next st (14th stitch):
Rows 1-3: 1 hdc in each of the next 8 sts, ch 1, turn [8]
Row 4: hdc2tog, 1 hdc in each of the next 4 sts, hdc2tog, ch 1, turn [6]
Row 5: hdc2tog, 1 hdc in each of the next 2 sts, hdc2tog, ch1, turn [4]
Row 6: hdc2tog, ch 2, hdc2tog, ch 1, turn [4]
You will now be working around the hat.
Round 1: sc in each stitch around the hat **except at the bottom of each earflap**.   In the chain 2 space created at the base of each of the earflaps, hdc three times.  If you wish to add a contrasting colour , please FO CC at the end of Round 1 and add the new colour (MC was used on the hat in the photo) to begin round 2.
Round 2: ss in each st around the hat, FO, weave in ends
Horns/Ears: (using 2-strands of MC) and a 6.50 mm hook
make 2
Row 1: chain 15, turn [15]
Row 2: in the 2nd ch from the hook, 1 hdc in each blo across, ch 1, turn [14]
FOLD the strip in half and working through both pieces
Row 3:  hdc2tog, ch 1, hdc2tog, ch 1, hdc2tog, chn 1, hdc, FO, weave in ends
The “tassels” that are threaded through the 4-spaces at the end of  the horns are made-up of  8-strands of yarn (each tassel) and each strand is 6-inches long.  For each horn you will need 32-strands.  They are threaded through in the same manner as the ties are threaded through the chain-2 spaces at the end of the earflaps.  Please see the ties section for detailed instructions.
Beak: (using 2-strands of Patons Astra) and a 5.00 mm hook
Round 1: create an AL, hdc 12x into the loop, ch 2
Round 2:  (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) in the next st, 1 sc in each of the next 5 sts, ch 2, (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) in the next st, 1 sc in each of the next 5 sts
The shape will now resemble a diamond.
Round 3:  Before starting this round please read the step completely.  1 sc in each stitch around except for the top and bottom of the diamond (the 12 and 6 position if you think of it as a clock shape).  Crochet 3 sc in both the top and bottom stitches.
Round 4: ss around, FO and weave in ends
Fold in half (the seam will be at the 3 and 9 positions if we are thinking of it as a clock).
Eyes (using  1-strand of Red Heart white) and a 5.00 mm hook
make 2
Round 1: create an AL, hdc 6x into the loop, ss to the 1st hdc to join [6]
Round 2: 2 hdc in each st around, ss to 1st hdc of round to join [12]
Round 3: ch 2, (1 dc in first st, 2 dc in next st) 6x, ss to join[18]
Round 4: (1 sc in the first 2 sts, 2 sc in the next st) 6x, ss to join [24]
Round 5: ss around, FO, weave in ends [24]
Iris (using  1-strand of Red Heart Soft chocolate) and a 5.00 mm hook
make 2
Round 1: create an AL, sc 6x into the loop [6]
Round 2: 2 hdc in each st around [12]


Round 3: (1 sc in the first st, 2 sc in the next st) 6x [18]
Round 4: ss around, FO, weave in ends [18]
Pupil: (using 1-strand of Red Heart black) and 5.00 mm hook
make 2
Round 1: create an AL, sc 6x into the loop [6]
Round 2: ss in each st around, FO, weave in ends [6]
Eyelid: (using 1-strand of Red Heart Soft Teal) and 5.00 mm hook
Row 1: ch 10 [10]
Row 2: starting in the 2nd ch from the hook, 1 sc in each st across, ch 1, turn [9]
Row 3: 1 sc in each st across, ch 1, turn [9]
Row 4: sc2tog, 1 sc in each of the next 5 sts, sc2tog, ch1, turn [7]
Row 5: 1 sc in each st across, ch 1, turn [7]
Row 6: sc2tog, 1 sc in each of the next 3 sts, sc2tog, ch 1, turn [5]
Row 7: sc2tog, 1 sc in the next st, sc2tog [3]
Round 8: sc around the entire piece, FO, weave in ends
Ties: (using  36-strands of Red Heart Soft yarn in 3-colours, each strand is 60-cm long)
make 2 bunches
To measure my strands I have a piece of precut cardboard (30-cm) and I wrap the yarn around this cardboard, cutting only the bottom edge (each full wrap totals 60-cm).
I take my pile of 36-strands and loop the middle of the pile around my finger (or a crochet hook) and hold the loose ends with my other hand.  I feed the centre (the portion looped on my finger) through the earflap-end (chain 2 space at the end of the earflap) from the outside of the hat, toward the inside.
I pull the loop far enough through that I can feed the loose ends through the centre of the loop.  I tighten these strands slowly.
Then I divided the strands into 3-piles of 12 and braid the yarn.  Once I am near the end, I tie the ends of the yarn in a lose knot around the braid and slide the knot toward the bottom of the braid.  Once it is where I want it to be I tighten it by pulling firmly.  If you have any stragglers you can pull each strand until you find the ‘right’ one to make it align with the rest, or undo the knot and try again.
When stitching the pieces together I stitch between the posts of sc round and the final ss round (it tends to hide the stitches within the work).
Before stitching them to the hat, I count stitches from the middle of the hat to try to ensure that they are evenly placed.  You can use bits of yarn to mark placement (or safety pins).

Have fun! Feel free to contact me if you need assistance.


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  1. Hi Lisa,

    Here’s the direct link:

    There is a link available on the site too – up on the top menu bar beneath my logo – it should read “Pattern Shops” and then Craftsy should be one of the one’s that pops up under the drop-down menu bar 🙂

    Have a lovely day,

  2. Yours is my favorites of all owl hats. They EYES are way too cute! I have this in my queue to make, thanks 🙂

  3. This is so cute! Makes me wish that I lived somewhere where it got cold enough that my toddler could wear gorgeous hats like these 🙂

  4. Hi Lisa, I actually have all the other sizes available for purchase in my shop. I’ve never tried downsizing with a hook or yarn decrease so I am not sure if it will work. Each size hat I designed in has the facial features and horns resized to go with the hat size as well. If you are interested you can take a look here:
    Newborn to Toddler Sizes:
    Child to Adult Large Sizes:

    Hope this helps a bit 🙂 Rhondda

  5. Love this little owl. So cute. My step-daughter has ask me to make an owl hat as a gift for her friend who is having a baby. I’m wondering how I might down size this for a size 6-9 month old? Single strand and smaller hook perhaps? I’d greatly appreciate any help you can give!

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Hi Cynthia! You are very welcome 🙂 If you do decide to make the hat and have questions, please just let me know. All the best, Rhondda

  7. Love this pattern! My grandson is crazy about owls and I can’t wait to make him this — thanks so much for your generosity and great patterns.

  8. BonjourJe viens de finir mon bonnet avec les nouvelles paupières je suis très satisfaite il est bien beau.Encore un gros merci

  9. RebonjourJe viens de vous écrire j'espère que je l'ai envoyer à la bonne adressemerci

  10. Hi Francine 🙂 If you send me your email address I will send you the instructions right away 🙂 you can send me a message through the "contact me" page at the top of this blog.

  11. Pas de problème car moi non plus je ne parle pas anglais je prend aussi googlePour le chapeau alors je vais attendre avant de l'assembler pour avoir l'autre version des yeux .Je vais venir vous lire pour être certaine de ne pas vous manquermerci beaucoup

  12. Hi Francine, I'm sorry I don't speak/write french – I used google translate to try to figure out what you have said. I am happy you like the hat and tutorial – I have designed less bulky eyes that are easier to assemble and I will be posting that update shortly when I release the full version of the hat. I apologize that I am unable to respond in french. Rhondda

  13. Bonjour je viens de terminer votre super de beau chapeau merci pour le tutorielIl me manque à l'assembleret j'essaie de figurer la mise en place pour les paupières il me semble qu'elles ne sont pas belles comme les vôtres

  14. Hi Karen 🙂 Thank you – I'm happy you liked the sock monkey hat! I like to put my ear flaps along the 'slight seam' you might see from working in continuous rounds. I always find seams so noticeable when they are back and centre with nothing to distract the eye – it is a personal preference for me – nothing more – you can definitely move the earflaps over; I would finish-off the yarn and then reattach to move the ear flaps; rather than slip stitch to the spot you want (again personal preference lol). I would love if you could send me a picture of the finished hats 🙂 If you haven't started the eyes yet I have an update available for the flatter version of the eyes for the owl hat – if you aren't on Facebook you can send me an email and I will email it to you 🙂 Thanks, Rhondda oombawkadesign (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. Hi Rhonda, I love your patterns! I have already completed your sock monkey hat and everyone loves it! I have a question on this adorable owl: When starting the ear flaps it seems that they are starting at the back of the head, and that some slip stitches are needed to get over to the ear area. Maybe there is a reason for starting the ear flaps at the back that I'm not visualizing…please advise. Thanks so much!

  16. Thanks Tracy! I'm in the process of "redesigning" him to include other sizes and to use all the same yarn in his construction – I'm glad you like him!

  17. Thanks Marcia! I wanted it to be a bit different than the other one's out there. The beak can be left open, or flattened shut. I guess I probably should have noted that somewhere – I just never thought of it! Enjoy!

  18. So cute – I love his eyes!! Came over from Moogly's Hookin on Hump Day. I pinned ya! Thanks so much for taking the time share with us!!

  19. Thanks so much Sara! I know there are so many owl hats (and sock monkey hats) out there! My customers keep asking for them so I try to change them up a bit to make them a wee bit different.

  20. Oooo! I love this! I love your twist on yet another owl hat – at least your's is different enough from the others with the eyelids. Thanks for sharing at Hookin On Hump Day!