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In an effort to make my life a little bit easier I have searched and searched for a way to make all my links (except my own!) “no follow” –

In case you are interested in doing this too – here is the link to the tutorial I followed to make this happen for my blogger blog:

How To Nofollow All External Links Automatically In Blogger

The steps outlined are very simple and easy to implement.

One word of caution – replace the two ‘links’ in the code to your own blog url. This allows your own links (internal links) to be followed.

Then you can add the plugin from Chrome, or Firefox to check your links to make sure they are showing up as  NoFollow!


After you have the plugin installed (mine is Chrome) this is how you can tell your links are NoFollow!

(TIP: this will work even if you don’t install the code if you want to check to see if your links are NoFollow without going in and checking each individual code on your blog)

I love finding things to make my blogging life easier 🙂 I hope this is helpful for you too!


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