Newborn Baby Bear Hat Pattern

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This post includes a free newborn baby bear hat pattern. My sister has requested a few baby hats for her baby (who is due this summer!). Here is her first request 🙂 A baby hat with bear ears.

Make it in any color – use the pattern to crochet hats for donation to your local hospital, or charity, or as baby gifts for friends and family – have fun!

Embellish it 🙂 add a flower or a bow – or leave it simple – Babies do not need much to make them look adorable 😉

free bear hat crochet pattern


Newborn Baby Bear Hat

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Sized to fit: Newborn (head circumference 13″-14″)

Height: 4.5″
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton – (Colour: Jute)
Hook: 5.00 mm (H)

Gauge: 3 sts = 1″; 3 rounds = 1″

Abbreviations: R : round, ch : chain, st : stitch, sts : stitches, sl st : slip stitch, esc : extended single crochet, x : times to repeat

Extended Single Crochet:
Insert your crochet hook into the next stitch, yarn over the hook and pull up one loop (2 loops on your hook). Yarn over the hook, pull it through the first loop on the hook (2 loops on your hook). Yarn over the hook, pull it through both loops on the hook.

Newborn Baby:

R1: 10 esc in magic ring [10]
R2: 2 esc in each st around [20]
R3: (1 esc in the first st, 2 esc in the next st) 10 x [30]
R4: (1 esc in each of the first 2 sts, 2 esc in the next st) 10 x [40]
R5: 1 esc in each st around [40]
R6-12: repeat R5 [40]
R13: 1 sl st (loosely this is for a decorative edge!) in each st around, finish off and weave in ends [40] *note: if your sl sts are too tight the hat will not fit properly – feel free to substitute sc for this round if you struggle with ‘relaxed’ slip stitches)


Make 2

R1: 10 esc in magic ring [10]
R2: 1 esc in each st around [10]
R3: 1 esc in each st around, finish off leaving a long tail for sewing the ears to the hat [10]

free bear hat pattern

and here is Mya wearing her Newborn Baby Bear Hat (3-days old):

Myas Newborn Baby Bear Hat


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  1. I am making this for a yr old girl and using a j hook with 2 more stitches, it is such a cute hat ty for the pattern

  2. I have just started this, cannot wait for my newborn grandson to try it out

  3. I just found this; it’s REAL cute! How do you start this? what is ‘magic ring’??

  4. Hi Dianna, I use this sizing chart when I design my hats: I also take into consideration negative ease because hats should be smaller (slightly) than the head they are going to be fit to – so I take 1-2″ off the finished head circumference measurement (depending on the stretchiness of the hat) to determine my hat circumference measurement.

    For more information about FCD (Flat Circle Diameter) you can read this post – it is about baby mittens but they are designed on the same premise –

    Hope this helps 🙂 Rhondda

  5. Rhonda this is such a cute newborn hat but how do you go about increasing the size to fit a 1 yr old toddler? Is there a rule of thumb measuring chart to adapt caps to fit little ones as they grow, say from newborn to 1 then 2 then 3, etc.? years

    Than you for your patterns & help! I greatly appreciate it & you, Dianna

  6. Hi Lela 🙂 If you want to make a 6-9 mos size work the increase rounds until you have a flat circle diameter of 5.10″ (approximately) then work even (no more increases) until the hat is a total height of 5.75″ (for mid ear length) or 6.75″ (for bottom of earlobe length).

    I think the ears will still work on the 6-9 mos size 🙂

    Hope this helps!

    For more information about the FCD (flat circle diameter) you can read this post: The post is about how to make mittens but the concept is the same for hats 🙂

  7. I love this little bear hat I have a little boy who will be 7 months this winter. Would it be too dificult to make it bigger?

  8. Well, that one is really cute. I love this trend with ears on caps and hoods for children (and adults as well). Fantasy rules 🙂

  9. I love this pattern. Thanks for the chance to win the Clover Hooks. 🙂

  10. Thank you Andra 🙂 My sister loves it too! I designed it for my Niece who is due in a couple weeks 🙂

  11. OMG…this hat is so cute. Thank you so much for the pattern! 🙂

  12. Fab as always. you are so kind for sharing these beautiful patterns with us. x

  13. Hi Sue, I work in spirals – using a stitch marker to mark the first stitch of the round. You do not need to slip stitch to join. Just work the first stitch of the each round in the first stitch of the previous round 🙂 Have fun! and you are welcome 🙂 Rhondda

  14. I am fairly new at crochet and am wondering how to join the rounds. Am I supposed to slipstitch to first ESC or just keep going around with no join? Thanks for your pattern and help!


  15. hi there i love your little bear hat but i was wondering how many chains to start the hat?

  16. Hi there! Cute hat! Your blog/website looks fantastic! Like the new tweeks!! Best wishes and hugs, Sandy