New! Furls Iris Odyssey Crochet Hooks

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Love the color purple? Furls has just released an Iris Odyssey Crochet Hook and the color is a pretty shade of pale lilac. It really is lovely.

Furls Iris Odyssey Launch

Furls Iris Odyssey Crochet Hooks

I love using the Odyssey Crochet Hooks for amigurumi projects. The nickel-plated pewter neck is super smooth and perfect for quick crocheting. The tip is strong and perfect for fine detail crocheting and amigurumi projects.

If you are looking to add this new color to your collection of Odyssey hooks, there is a special launch deal taking place today. When you purchase 2 Iris Odyssey Hooks today, you get an Iris Wristlet FREE (while supplies last).

If you love Black Friday Sales sign-up to receive Early Access with Furls Crochet here.

Furls Iris Odyssey Launch Special Offer

The Iris Odyssey is available in sizes 2.25 mm (B) to 10 mm (P).

I’m on my way over to add a couple of the smaller tipped hooks (3.25 mm and one other…I haven’t quite decided but probably the 2.25 mm) to my own cart before Furls runs out of stock.

Happy shopping!


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