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Title: My First Doodle Fun!
Published By: Dorling Kindersley, 2015
ISBN: 9781465417633
Design and Illustration: Rachael Parfitt Hunt

Sometimes the best gift for Mom on Mother’s Day is something for her little one…

Something to occupy and to entertain – and to give Mom a few minutes to herself to allow her to drink her tea when it is still hot!

My pick from DK Publishing for the little ones this Mother’s Day is:

My First Doodle Fun! book

Doodle Fun! Review @OombawkaDesign

This book is fantastic!

It is made with sturdy board book material and has a wipe-clean surface. It comes with the wipe-clean pen and it has a handy ‘eraser’ on the end to allow the artist to erase and recreate their own masterpieces over and over. The pen is stored conveniently with the book to keep it all together.

This book has been entertaining my son for weeks – he likes to go through and draw and erase and tell little stories about what is happening on the pages. It has taken up a prize place on his bookshelf and he brings it out every day!

My First Doodle Fun! has 26 pages – each page has bright and colourful scenes with bits left empty for your little one to complete themselves.

Here are some examples from the book:Plate | Doodle Fun! Review @OombawkaDesign

Drew especially likes giving the Crocodile teeth!

Eggs | Doodle Fun! Review @OombawkaDesign

and drawing silly faces on the egg!

Dog | Doodle Fun! Review @OombawkaDesign

and adding more baby spiders to the web.

Lady Bugs | Doodle Fun! Review @OombawkaDesign

He loves putting the spots on the ladybugs too!

This book is sturdy too – perfect for active readers – and for taking with you when you travel or go out to a restaurant for dinner and you need to keep your little one entertained while you are waiting for their dinner to arrive.

Here are a couple of photos of Drew with his copy of My First Doodle Fun! book:

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