My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things

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My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things

Title: My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things
Published By: Dorling Kindersley
Published Date: September 12, 2016
ISBN: 9781465449689

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things

This book is fantastic! Both Darla and Andrew keep pulling it off our bookshelf to look through it and they are even trying to read the words by themselves (and together!). The concepts and the language this book is written in, are easy for them to understand and the pictures and drawings are bright and colorful.

This impressive book for children aged 5-9 years of age is filled with information about VERY important things. Learn about the planet, human history, animals, geography, the human body, why sleep is important, shapes, colors, numbers, astrological signs, Chinese Horoscope, musical instruments, dinosaurs and so much more!

Here’s what’s inside:

Very Important Things About My Planet

  • Our place in space
  • Our Earth
  • Which way is space?
  • The sky at night
  • Under the waves
  • Mountains
  • Very fiery volcanoes
  • Shake and quake
  • Dry as a desert
  • Rain forests
  • Wonderful water
  • How does it grow?
  • The changing seasons
  • Extreme weather
  • The Wind and the Sun

Very Important Things About Places

  • I can count 7 continents
  • Postcards from North America
  • Postcards from South America
  • Postcards from Africa
  • Postcards from Europe
  • Postcards from Asia
  • Postcards from Australia
  • Postcards from Antarctica

Very Important Things About Animals

  • What are animals?

What are Animals? My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things

  • Dinosaurs once ruled the Earth
  • Mighty mammals
  • Fabulous fish
  • Beautiful birds
  • Scaly reptiles
  • Awesome amphibians
  • Brilliant bugs
  • Caterpillar to butterfly
  • Animals habitats
  • Pole to pole
  • I spy… on the farm
  • I spy… in the mountains
  • Desert animals
  • I spy… on the African plains
  • The very big blue whale
  • Super sharks
  • Primate party
  • Speedy species
  • Big cats
  • Animals after dark
  • The tortoise and the hare

Very Important Things About People

  • Very early humans
  • Early discoveries
  • The time of the pharaohs

The Time of the Pharaohs - My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things

  • Ancient China
  • Aborigines
  • Really modern Romans
  • Viking raiders
  • Ancient Americans
  • Native Americans
  • Festivals and celebrations
  • Eager explorers
  • Important inventors
  • Super scientists
  • Travel by land
  • Travel by water
  • Travel by air
  • Totally tall towers
  • I want to be an astronaut!
  • Flying to the moon

Very Important Things About Me

  • The human body
  • My blood
  • Sense-ational
  • My brain
  • Sleep time

Sleep - My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things

  • Good food
  • Let’s communicate
  • Marvelous music
  • Amazing art
  • Getting better
  • Purr-fect pets
  • Fun numbers
  • What’s the time?
  • The ant and the grasshopper

Here are some other very important things

  • Saying hello and goodbye
  • Glorious colors
  • Super shapes
  • Fantastic fruit
  • Vibrant veggies
  • Let’s count
  • Let’s multiply
  • Measurements
  • Star signs
  • Chinese horoscopes
  • Precious gems
  • Cool clouds
  • Musical instruments
  • Working vehicles
  • Beetle box
  • Discover dinosaurs
  • Extraordinary eggs
  • Animal babies
  • Fantastic flags
  • Top 10: Countries
  • Top 10: World
  • Top 10: Animals

This book is written for children from ages 5 to 9 years of age. It reads like a children’s storybook, making it fun to learn about new things. Children who always want to know more and are curious about the world around them will be excited to discover all this book has to offer.

I wish this book had been available when I was a child!

I wish this book had been around when I was a kid! Great gift giving idea for children aged 5-9! Click to Tweet

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